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for Call for Hate's Bane

2/17/2004 c1 5Chateau D'If
you seem depressed. are these poems really reflecting your true emotions? if so than i think your really depressed. you have any happy peoms?
2/15/2004 c1 31SeventhSin
I like this. Maybe you could make it a little bit longer, but where it is right now is flawless. There's another poem out there in cyberspace (specifically on this site) called "Satanic Life" by Maeve-Unkown; maybe you should check that out. Meanwhile, you are on my favorites list!
2/13/2004 c1 1LindsayJohnson
I really enjoy your poetry.
I especially liked the 3rd stanza of this poem, as you use such strong words, but you connect them in such a way that they become poetry, rather than stringing them together in an angry rant and then calling them a poem.
Keep up the good work.

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