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2/6/2005 c11 4RurouniMarion
YAY! I LOVE THIS STORY! you HAVE to update soon, or i shall band together with a legion of other fans of this story and KILL YOU. which would entirely defeat the purpose. so update! OR ESLE
2/6/2005 c11 Granite Claws
^^ *parties because you updated* YAY! Nothing really got answered, but whatever. Its just funny to watch her get stalked by Talli! ^+^ Kudos to you for tryin ta get this published. Keep it up! *encourages you*
2/3/2005 c2 81daphnegray78
Finally! An *original* elf story... I'm so sick of all these elf stories running around where the elves are always magical and have something to do with saving the world or whatever. I like your main character so much because her sarcastic and witty comments really set her apart from all of the other elfish characters. Well done!

12/24/2004 c1 I.F
12/4/2004 c10 6Almond Flower
Isn't she sweet to old friends? She's very unique. Weird women always play good characters.
11/28/2004 c10 37Lilyoftheflames
HEY! Long time no review! *from me* lol and thanx for reviewing my poem *hands another cookie* hehe WELL! I want to know who this Mystery man is! you'll just have to update! Specially for you most trustworthy reviewer *cough cough* hehe Wel, UPDATE SOON! ~lilyoftheflames
11/27/2004 c10 Miyoko
RUKIE HAS A LOVER? Or HAD... Andy... Whoa there.. that's just strange... Please finish!
11/27/2004 c10 Mychael Lynne
NO! i can't wait and find out! i must kno NOW! GAH! HURRY UP AND UPDATE PLEASE!
11/26/2004 c10 2rousseau
Her father? Why, persay, would her father grab her ass as a greeting? And also why would she say 'No one got that close to me anymore...' I think he is a love interest from the past. From whenever it was that she had the name Elia. But what do I know, right?
11/26/2004 c10 Granite Claws
Poor Rukie...lost her ale. ^^ I know who that guy is! He's the human who raised her because her parents were evil!
11/25/2004 c10 10mute-demon81
*shifty eyes* ...are any more of those tastey cakes being offered to non-authors of doom? o.o
11/25/2004 c10 4RurouniMarion
YOU! EVIL! *glares evily* YOU MUST UPDATE SOON! BAD! VERY VERY BAD! o.- you bad girl. awesome story though. it's really awesome. ^^ love it to pieces. UPDATE SOON OR I SHALL BEAT YOU WITH A TASTY CAKE! toodles! ^^~Marion
11/25/2004 c9 RurouniMarion
lol, she was serious. ^^ lol, that's funny! ^^she's not dead. hm...wonder how that happened... kewl! ^.^
11/25/2004 c8 RurouniMarion
BAD! BAD CLIFFIE! except there's another chappy after this one that i can read. *insert evil laughter*
11/25/2004 c7 RurouniMarion
O.O O, I THOUGHT IT WAS HER DAD! or at least her brother.o, wonder how he's gonna react to that. *evil grin* MUAHAHAHAHA*chough,choke,die*
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