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11/25/2004 c6 4RurouniMarion
*laughs* this is AWESOME! ^^
11/25/2004 c4 RurouniMarion
tehehehe, i love those pink unicorns! ^^ that is very funny.oo, well done. have i mentioned that this is a GREAT story b4? Elia. that name doesn't fit her much, but it's still a good name. kewl. ^^
11/25/2004 c3 RurouniMarion
oh my gosh, poor girl... that's really sad.^.^ but the sarcasim made me laugh alot. ^^ "Hello, my name is Rukie, and I have a problem..." LOL! tehehehehe, love this story.so her name is Rukie?
11/25/2004 c2 RurouniMarion
aw, poor elf... OMG! *bursts out laughing* THIS STORY IS SO HYSTARICAL! *rolls around on the floor, laughing her head off*(one of) my favorite parts: "Bad dog! No touchy the elf! No touchy the masked elf!" HAHAHAHAHA! LOVE THAT PART! and: "Oh...a dream. well okay, now I could torment the unicorns, and not feel guilty about it. Heheheheheheheh come here lil guy..."HAHAHAHAHAHA! this is a really really good story, just so you know. sarcasm! gotta love it! ^^ awesome job, absolutly awesome
11/7/2004 c9 The Great Unknown
*looks left, looks right* *crickets are heard*...o_o its been quite a while since we've seen any updates...*blinks* DID YOU DIE! NO!
8/18/2004 c9 2Mytheos
Please Update
7/28/2004 c9 Persn A
^^ Whee! Another person to annoy the crap out of Rukie! How could her life get any better? *sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm*
7/28/2004 c8 Persn A
AUGH! That's mean, leaving us readers with only our warped imaginations to imagine what comes next! But it was good anyway... If Rukie doesn't fight with a sowrd, what weapon does she fight with?
7/26/2004 c6 Kywen
Ok, you have to remember me...I think I gave you about a thousand reviews on this at one point...so you know I love it.
I'm going to read the rest later, but until then...
YAY! I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT RUKIE THE SARCASTIC ALBINO DARK ELF! YAY RUUKIE! *Rukie comes up behind her* Oh...I'd better go now! G'bye, you know I love it...AH, RUKIE, NO, IT WAS JUST A JOOKE...AH!
7/16/2004 c9 37Lilyoftheflames
Hey, this is kourtney1617, I changed my name because I liked this one! hehe I'm glad you updated this story...I was getting worried! Weel, nothing like a cynical elf to brighten up my day! Update soon! ~lilyoftheflames
7/16/2004 c9 Mychael Lynne
YAY! SHE LIVES! im so happy! and she's still sarcastic and cynical! yippee! *does a lil happy dance*
7/13/2004 c8 Babbit
OH MAN! Now I wanna no wuts gonna hapen to Rukie!1
6/24/2004 c8 7AethraZip
Mt. Pyre! I just got out of a Mt. Pyre in the game I'm playing. (Yes, a 16-year-old girl is playing Pokemon Ruby. You may laugh. Go ahead.)
I'm sure Rukie's not dead, because she's the main character. But we'll have to wait and see, I suppose..
Glad to see an update! *cheers*
6/24/2004 c8 Mychael Lynne
6/23/2004 c8 37Lilyoftheflames
YAY!...wait...not yay about rukie falling off of a mountain ledge...well...okay it was a yay that you continued! So UPDATE SOON! I love sarcastic people!
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