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5/3/2004 c7 7AethraZip
Her daddy? Whoosh! Small world.
If she hates elves so much, why's she trying to free them? And from whom, exactly? I understand the orc thing, but why are all the elves in camps? Argh! You must update so that the murkiness becomes clear! Otherwise I shall tear out my hair and weep!
*adds to favorites*
5/3/2004 c6 AethraZip
I'd like to read 'The Legend of the Headless Chicken and the Twig'. Just the title tickles my spleen.
Er, funny bone.
I know I've been rather critical about this story, but the truth is, the more critical I am, the more I like it. If I like something, I look for flaws.. dunno why, it's a weird trait of mine.
I'm curious as to Elia/Rukie's past, and I'm going to read until I learn the truth, dammit! *reads on*
5/3/2004 c5 AethraZip
Heh, rope is murder on your teeth. How I know that I shall not say.
A suggestion: don't use 'lil' in stories. 'Little' takes more effort to type, but reads better, especially in prose.
With the whole rope-chewing thing, if she waited until the smoke had billowed up, wouldn't the fire have started to burn her? She would at least notice the heat. If there's a fire burning at your feet, it's not easy to ignore it and concentrate on escaping.
Talli and Brynn to the rescue! Rukie's life just gets better and better, doesn't it?
5/3/2004 c4 AethraZip
Those damn pink unicorns..
This was a pretty funny chapter, actually. I love the sardonic commentary going on in Rukie's head, and I like how she thinks only for herself. A nice change from most fantasy heroines, who think only of everyone else.
The orcs (and Brynn, for that matter) appeared rather out of nowhere. I was also surprised when neither Rukie nor Talli put up a fight. Brynn is excused because he just escaped, though he didn't do it very well. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.
I shall read on!
5/3/2004 c3 AethraZip
Poor Rukie. Sounds like we have something in common: enjoying torturing characters (if you've read any of my story 'Under Meteors', you'll see how much I hurt Ryst. And Mercury, for that matter.). Albino dark elves is something I never thought of. Interesting, yes, precious..
*clicks arrow to next chapter*
5/3/2004 c2 AethraZip
Pink unicorns make good scapegoats, don't they? I'll have to remember that..
The whole thing with Talli was a little abrupt. If Rukie was indeed trying to leave, and with one of their horses, he probably wouldn't have bothered with the "come back or I go with you". Anyone with sense would just tackle her out of the saddle, or something. Even though Talli seems good-hearted and.. nice, in a slightly dimwitted way, I don't think his philanthropy would extend to letting Rukie take one of his horses, even if he went with her.
And wouldn't his family be upset? Both of them disappearing without a trace? Rumors would fly.
*guns down rumor* Rawr.
But you know your characters better than I do, which goes without saying, so I'll just shut up now. This is an obscenely long review already.
5/3/2004 c1 AethraZip
Ogre butt hair rope! Heh, that's a new one ^^
I read your 'Advice on Making Characters' and decided to check out Rukie. I like her already. The plot isn't clear yet, but it's only chapter one, so no worries.
One thing I noticed was that you tended to use run-on sentences. Commas don't allow you to continue a sentence indefinitely; semicolons do. Like that one. Just to letcha know.
Otherwise, lookin' good, and I'm moving on to chapter 2.
5/3/2004 c1 4RurouniMarion
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG, THIS STORY IS SO FUNNY! i'm reading more of it, and i'm going to review every chappy. tehehehe, i'm gonna bug the heck outta ya!
4/24/2004 c7 3InuyashaLuver99
Boy you know how to write a story! Keep updating and don't forget to R&R my stories too
4/21/2004 c1 Neo Triono
I happen to know, personally, that ogre-butt-rope isn't as bad as it sounds...Anyways, this is a very imaginative story that I absoloutly adore. May I suggest, however, be a little more careful with punctuation
4/13/2004 c7 Persn A
Eep! I would not like to be on the recieving end of Rukie's hatred. I think that you should have her do something to make "Chicken", "Twig", and "monster" fear her. Killing something for example! ...well, Rukie DID say blood was a pretty color...
4/13/2004 c6 Persn A
^_^ Tee Hee *laughs* Why ARE Brynn and Talli stalking Rukie?
4/12/2004 c7 Mychael Lynne
well there was an unexpected twist. r u gonna include the Legen of the Headless Chicken and the Twig? I'd like to read that sometime... ^_^
4/12/2004 c7 37Lilyoftheflames
Always a pleasure to read a nice sarcastic story...I LOVE SARCASTIC PPL! kk well, I'll be waiting for the next chapter to come out *though I'm sure I've already read it* but hey whats one more time gonna do? heh I'll be waiting! -ko
3/22/2004 c5 10mute-demon81
JA JA JA JA JA! oh, ermle, ah, anyways, I wonder why no one comments O_O, its such a good story! COMMENT PEOPLE THEN MAYBE SHE'D UPDATE! RAWR! ._. you people are just blah...*wants to read muh more of the Rukie story*
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