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for The Souls of Angels

6/4/2005 c1 13Erotica Within
I like it, leaves you kinda like.. "Um.. hmm?" well at least it did me. Btw the third chapter of "Dawn" has been up for a while, I dunno if you'd read it or not yet.
3/17/2005 c1 3eloquents
Wow... really good. Makes me wonder. Good job, I liked this a lot.
7/18/2004 c1 52Munku-JGSPTV
It doesn't seem like you've written/posted anything in a while, but after reading this, I wish you would.
It's really.. Well - powerful and sad. Putting it in Angst and Horror genres was right.. The horror isn't just in the suicide, it's like.. 'you're the worst magician I've ever seen... but I can see the rope'
Then.. the image of the angels but the person who committed suicide didn't want them to cry for them. The last line doesn't seem to run as well as the rest, but I can't think of a way to change it. Because, I guess, it works as it is. The image is true.
Very great work.
Keep writing always,
Munku-JGSPTV ^_^
7/8/2004 c1 7Conqueror
I don't know how to look at this...it's cool and very well writen it's just something about it bothers me.
3/3/2004 c1 booblatex
that was some cool shit guy
2/12/2004 c1 43PainHateJusticeRaceAndLife
wow, tell me if im getting this wrong, but i think ur poem sends a message saying that most people saying they are "going to" commit suicide are really looking for attention?hmm..this is very good stuff!

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