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for Protector II

8/21/2011 c21 15If Only I Knew
This story was nothing short of amazing. It was well thought out. It had just enough drama and action in it to make it interesting. :) I'd love to know what happens to Fenix and Aiur next, but that's up to you.

-Keep dreaming-

~If Only I Knew
4/21/2011 c21 1Jaliy
Nice story. I have to say though that Aiur was so frustrating. Felt like punching her more than once.

Anyways, good job!

12/3/2010 c21 reader134
Reading some chapters (especially those pertaining to flashbacks/ reflections) was quite a chore, because they tended to meander on senselessly.

That, coupled with the excessively flowery and descriptive language at times, made some segments of the story quite yawn-inducing.

However, your skilful command of the language is indeed admirable, especially when they aptly bring out the emotions of the characters (eg when Aiur heard of Fenix's apparent death)

Also, the final chapter seemed to be hastily done, which was quite a pity. Additionally, a short chapter on the post-war/rebel/marriage would have made the story more well-rounded.

Overall, quite a commendable effort though.

I would have given this at worst 7/10 and at best 8/10

Just my 2c worth
11/28/2009 c21 1TumbleWeed23
ah hell. Love. Sigh. I loved it.
11/17/2009 c21 5I Murder on Impulse
I absolutely love this story!


10/6/2009 c21 paper n pen
happy ending...

thank you, i really need that (bit depressy for a couple of days now)... haha

i dont know if you're still active or not but i would like you to know that you're a great writer...

8/1/2009 c21 goanywhere

Finally! Yes.

Stupid traiter perv is finally dead.

And they are finally together.

Love it.
8/1/2009 c20 goanywhere
Haydens a good friend.
8/1/2009 c18 goanywhere
Ah. Gah. Freak. Blehh.
7/31/2009 c11 goanywhere

I love the flashback.
7/31/2009 c7 goanywhere
aww...good and bad situation.

he's going back, but not as himself.

but good chapter.

stupid, stupid fenix.

how could he!

bleh. good writing.
7/31/2009 c6 goanywhere
i hate him.

i hate him.

i hate him.

malloy i mean.

good chapter.

but i hate him.
7/31/2009 c4 goanywhere
this can't be good.

good chapter.

poor little girl.

and fenix.
7/31/2009 c3 goanywhere
7/31/2009 c2 goanywhere
i swear this chapter made me misty-eyed.

but i really like your writing.

i still hate mallor. hate. hate. hate.
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