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7/28/2010 c19 blaa
wow, seriously? fckn update already! although your story is good and entertaining your slow updates is totally ruining everything ! you're not that good of a writer if you need years to bring out like 2-3 chapters and you should be happy that your readers are still paying attention to your story because this just sucks
7/26/2010 c19 esoteric

So I just wanted to let you know that I really love your story. I absolutely adore Sniper and although Ice is a keeper too, Sniper melts my heart and I would love love lovee if Tia would just admit that the two of them are meant for each other. What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic.

Anyways, as always, you are an amazing writer. Keep up your wonderful work and I hope for an update soon.

7/18/2010 c1 Bluecoco100
i miss this story, please update
7/18/2010 c19 fatelinksdestinywithlife
I absolutely love this story! It's the best one i have read in years :) Please please continue it. I love how real the feelings and emotions in it seem. I couldn't stop reading it once i had started.

7/13/2010 c19 sarcasm is my middle name
Great story. :P Love the UST and the complication. Though all the guys cept Sniper sound like total dickheads.
7/12/2010 c19 Contemporary.Jane
this story is amazing!

i love how "kenneth" and tia are so cute together!

update soon!
7/7/2010 c19 helena33139
i like the story.. i think she's kinda slutty for doing that to Ice, but... i can`t say anything else beacuase you are not updating! HAVE MERCY?
7/3/2010 c19 Tigerlily
Wow I'm sorry I've never reviewed the story so far. Just haven't been up to it. Sorry! Anyway I think the story is great so far and everything is just perfectly messed up with Tia. But I have to admit that I don't really like the idea of Tia and Sniper being friends with benefits. It's just really awkward, ya know? With Ice in the midst of everything. I kinda feel sorry for the poor dude.

Btw I love Alexia's personality!
6/30/2010 c19 6Madison Clarke
just read your story- i am loving it...but i do feel really bad for Ice and hes coming across as a pansy...i dont mean it to be harsh he just isnt living up to what i expected out of his nickname. but i am seriously loving it. most storys are how the girl gets the guy or vis versa. i love this idea...

P.S. it is now favourited and reviewed hope you manage to update soon...
6/22/2010 c19 lil heartache
&hearts this :)

update soon
6/19/2010 c19 35SeaJade Song
this story is AWSOME!
6/12/2010 c19 1xFearlessHeart
This is totally my favorite story right now! Like REALLY!

I didn't know I could like a story this much!

Pleaasse update it soon!

i'll die!


Please&Thnnx 0 : )
6/6/2010 c19 jaycee
5/27/2010 c19 bubbly101
For the past few days I have been reading Sex, Lies and Highschool and it is an Amazing Amazing story. I can feel the conflict coming from within Tia about choosing between Sniper and Ice!

Overall, you are an amazing writer and hopefully are going to do a career in it because you would definitly make it!

hopefully you update soon


5/22/2010 c19 Anon
hey! i read this ages ago and bookmarked it.i forgot about it for a couple of months and came back to check it out again. when reading it again, i remembered how much of an affect it had on me! it is amazing, heart-pumping and brilliant overall. :) ice = hott. hahahahha, well i hope you continue to update sometime soon :)
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