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5/21/2010 c19 AerdePaey

i absolutely love this story! :D

its just too cute! -squeals-

sniper and tia FTW
5/21/2010 c19 Ellybeth
I am absolutely loving this story so far. Can't wait for more.
5/13/2010 c19 dearestdiep
i think ur an awsome awsome AWSOME AWSOME writer! and please please keep doing what you do best: writing!
5/8/2010 c19 3Medusa's.Protege
Hi! I just reviewed! I really like your story so far, and you better finish it. Cause if you don't... Well, i dont think you want to hear it. :)

hm, so when are you going to update again?
5/2/2010 c19 Anonymouss
Omygod. BREAK UP WITH ICE ALREADY, TIA! You're obviously in love with Sniper.
4/28/2010 c17 1 of this story
Omg ...thus story is so freakin awesome i luv it so much

ice is my man ..sry snipy but Im so in love wth ice
4/28/2010 c19 emii
Hey there! I've reread this several times already since you last updated which sounds pretty pathetic now that I've typed it out here. But anyway, I just noticed your note. I don't remember if I reviewed, but I'm a little too lazy to sign into my account to check. If I haven't, well, you are an AMAZING writer. Don't let the non-reviewers get you down. :) Things like this are unavoidable on fictionpress where everyone can see everything. And I'm sure everyone would like to see everything of SNIPER. ;) Someone really needs to knock some sense into Tia's head already. Can't she see what a douche Ice is?

Hope you update soon! I bet half those hits you're getting for those stories are from me. :P
4/23/2010 c19 17Cinder3lla
4/23/2010 c19 Anonymouse
4/15/2010 c19 blinding-love
I love your story and I love Tia and Ice as a couple. Will we be seeing more of it?
4/11/2010 c19 Symone Ramirez
i really wish you would update this story its great and entertaining
4/11/2010 c19 3Duuude
Oh man. This is so good! Too bad you're not updating quickly! *shakes fist*

I'm a little disappointed in Tia though... as much of a prick Ice is he doesn't deserve this at all.

Especially from his own best friend and girlfriend. That's just plain wrong. She can't really 'love' him as she thinks if she's having feelings for someone else.

It totally sucks because Ice is completely in love with her and contemplating marriage yet here she is cuddling with Sniper on his couch while his mom makes lasagna.


It's really sad. I can only imagine how pissed off Ice will be when he finds out. It also doesn't help any that Alexia telling her to go ahead and cheat on Ice. lol. That doesn't help one bit.

As for Carlo, he's an ass. A total ass. I felt bad for Alexia right then. :(

It was horrible. I really wish she'd get with Max Underwood. He obviously likes her A LOT. But alas, she always gets with the pricks.

Anyway. Please update soon, I am way too involved in this story as you can see. But that's only because it rocks.

BTW, Sniper and Tia's relationship = TOTALLY HOT.


Had to admit that. ;)
4/10/2010 c19 notyourbiz
It's really sucky that she is doing what she is to Ice because I mean he loves her enough to marry her. And poor sniper too beccause you can just tell how much he loves her. And omg when he was thinking that thought about giving his heart to her it was so amazingly sweet. M I love this story. with Sniper's mom thinking that they're dating I would hope she wouldn't say anything about them dating in front of Ice or any of his other friends. Damn alexia is like a majorly good friend.Its' a terible thought to think that if Ice finds out sniper will lose all his best friends or their friends will have to choose between Ice and Sniper. I hope you update soon!
3/31/2010 c19 tyanaaa
ahh i'm in love with this story! sniper is so hot and he needs to get it on with tia already! haha :] can't wait till u updatee. and pleasee be soonn!
3/24/2010 c19 3TheInvisiblePinkUnicorn
Please update soon, I love this story :)

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