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2/16/2010 c19 1EstrellaPedwar
Hey, I like your story. It's interesting and everything, but confusing as hell in the beginning. The fact that you write everything from a third person view and are constantly dipping into random peoples thoughts is CONFUSING. And though I find the sarcastic comments funny, aren't they kind of not appropriate to the flow of the story?

I'm sorry if you get all offended, but I hope you don't mind too much. I really do like to read your story :) Update soon!

Oh, and 'fowl' is a chicken. I think you were looking for the word 'foul'. That cracked my up every time you wrote it.
2/16/2010 c19 ismilebecause
i'm really enjoying your story and can't wait for the next chapyer
2/16/2010 c19 shellbb
hey just letting you no that you have a great story

and you probberbly have a life out of fiction press

but i was hoping that you would be able to put out another chapter

becuase your story is great and i love it!

much love

shellbb xx
2/15/2010 c19 Jebusss
Ohmygod, I love your story! I've been a silent reader but then I noticed your author note.

Sorry for not reviewing much. I don't really know what to say in a review. XD

Anyway, this story is pretty cool. I hope you update soon. :D
2/5/2010 c19 ujgj
ohh u r soo good hurry up
2/5/2010 c17 sex lies andHs lover
omgg this story is soo awsome if you stop writing it ill beat you to death and please write quick!
2/3/2010 c19 Luiee
Aw you ended this chapter on such a cute scene.

This story just keeps going into crazy loops and i love it! Im starting to get a bit nervous though...I feel like in the end everything will blow up. I think it would be really sweet if Alexia got together with Max, Ice with Bri, and of course, Tia with Sniper. But...thats just me :)

This story is wonderful and i hope you dont give up on it! Ill be waiting for the next chapter while holding my breath, so dont take to long ;P!

Thanks for being wonderful!
2/3/2010 c1 Thundaga.blitz
I can't wait till you review!

I was a silent reader before but I decided to make an account now. :D

2/1/2010 c19 orangecandyy
First off, I'd like to apologize for not giving you reviews. My only excuse? Because I'm lazy. XD But as an author myself, I understand the joy and happy-fuzzy-feeling you get from each reviews, so I'll try to leave one for every chapter from now on. :)

The FWB thing is not really my style and it sucks that Tia is stringing along two guys at once. But if she can't help it, she can't help it. I'm actually afraid for her when her and Sniper's whole secret thing blows out.

And about Sniper, he's a pretty good guy. If compared to Ice, I seriously like Sniper much more than Ice because he's more considerate of the little things when it concerns Tia which I think is sweet. Ice is just...well, majority of the time he seems really self-centered and a bad boyfriend. But that's just my opinion.

You're really doing a great job with this story and I really do look forward to reading future updates. ^^
2/1/2010 c19 1RaynaSadie
omfg do not tell me thats it. i will jump out of my bedroom window. I WANTED HIM TOO FUCK HER .. THEN HER TOO DUMP ICE ... ICE TOO FALL FOR BRI ... or maybe Ice cheat on Tia with Bri so then it would be easier for Tia too dump him ... OKAY ROSHANNA SHUT UP. sorry my mind wondered for a second there god christ alive sniper is so orgasmic LOOL
2/1/2010 c18 RaynaSadie
okay, am currently in ICT lesson so review wont be as amusing as it useually is, christ alive man this lesson is depressing. Right, why the hell didn't sniper chuck her on the table and have his wicked way with her? I HATE HIM RIGHT NOW! .. you know .. i hate his ... resillience .. not his rock hard abs and biceps, dark blue mysterious eyes or lovely brown hair, or overall sexyness... everything else? HATE HIM. :D x cant fucking wait too read last chapter :)
1/31/2010 c16 RaynaSadie
i swear too jesus. if tia doesnt hurry up and fuck him. I WILL DO IT MYSELF :| .. fuck Ice and his grumpy assed self... BOO HE SUCKS. i just ... i just want Sniper too be happy :( ANDD! .. i havent finished reading the story yet *obviously* but er do we get too find out some stuff about Snipers family? because it seems like he had an abusive dad or soemthing .. just seems like that kinda guy... god hes FUCKHOT.
1/30/2010 c19 Anonymous
I totally love this story. :)
1/29/2010 c14 RaynaSadie
... can i get a 'OH MY GOOD GOLLY GOSH?' stop making me fall inlove with Sniper :( i have a boyfriend i cant fall in love with a fictional character! :) and i love tia now btw :D
1/29/2010 c13 RaynaSadie
OH MY FUCKING GOD ... OH MY HOLY JESUS CHRIST MESIAH THE LORD. its god :) okay .. every other male character on fictionpress can burn at the steak for all i care SNIPER WO :) *i think im in love but it makes me kinda nervous too say so*
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