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1/29/2010 c12 1RaynaSadie
oh-my-good-golly-gosh. can i get a 'hells yeah!' i love sniper so much man. ¬¬ if ice didnt have the tips of his hair blue ... it would be really hard too decide between them but ... SNIPER WO. i now am starting too likeish Alexia lool. and Tia .. shes growing on me too .. Kurt .. *swoon* .. we dont even need too go into that LOL. and i hate Bri i want too kick her in the teeth (:
1/27/2010 c19 yasminooo
Heyy !

Love the STOORYY ! :D

bt here's the thingg, i mean if ur getting bored of writing this y dnt u jst end it quickly instead of making us wait all this timee ! yeah ur rly tired nd u dnt hav time 2 write nd stuff, bt were alsoo very patiennt here nd u takke a long time ! Other than that; ur actually begging for reviewws ? :O u hav over 600 reviews nd u want moree, i mean some people r actually begging for the 10 reviewwss ! u should b thankfuull. Hope ur nt offended or anything, cuz i think ur a rly good riter nd again I LOVE THIS STOORY !

updatte soon plz ! :D
1/27/2010 c19 MyNameIs-Madison
i like this story .

Keep up the good job.
1/27/2010 c11 RaynaSadie
OMG PLEASE LORD IN HEAVEN ABOVE FUCK ICE IDONT CARE ANYMORE SNIPER HAS TOO TAP TIA ... SERIOUSLY! OMG i'm like in love with him or something and o Kurt has green eyes .. idont care if hes a dick .. he has green eyes which instantly puts him in my good list ;) this is so good (: keep it up woman!
1/26/2010 c9 RaynaSadie
okay .. QUIT IT! STOP EVOKING EMOTIONS IN ME ! .. such as my switching loves for Ice and Sniper ... has Sniper got red hair :S ? i forget LOOL, if not what colour is itt? :)
1/26/2010 c7 RaynaSadie
OH MY GGOD (: ICE ICE ICE ICE omg omg omg omg LOOL i love him (: even with the blue hair .. which i hate and the motorbike which is totally annoying I LOVE HIM :D
1/26/2010 c5 RaynaSadie
okay heres the dealio LOL, ice no longer freaks me out he is H-O-T (: ... just had too say that ... lovving it.
1/26/2010 c2 RaynaSadie
love it (: love love love love love love it! :D and the name Devin is totally hot ! oh and btw my ict lesson was VERY boring LOL and i was itching too just log in and read this ;) OKAY. Ice freaks me out a bit, and connor.. i'm loving sniper .. hot hot hot. (: Tia pisses me off because shes kinda stuck up .. but i cant help but kinda like her :\ Alexia .. lord in heaven above IM ABOUT TOO SMACK HER UPSIDE THE HEAD! shes like a thicker version of Tia lol (: My mind keeps wondering back too sniper .. god damn it! anyways lol (: er i love it so far cant wait too read more :D
1/25/2010 c1 RaynaSadie
currently in ICT lesson .. i promise i will review when i get home .. just wanted too add this too my faveourites (:
1/24/2010 c19 Getthatbambi
Omg i love that story so much ! You're an awesome author, really. I am one of those people who are usually too lazy to review.. but hey I'm doing it now because your story is just so good and I just love Tia and Sniper! hehe :) I hope you update soon , can't wait!
1/23/2010 c19 2CaffeineRush
Because you said no one reviews-

I lovee love love LOVE your story!

I love how you intersperse the narrator's voice in the story! Although you kinda slowed down on it in the last chapters...

However, I am a little confused. How did Tia go through such a change? If she's 'top dog' along with Alexia, in the beginning, she is SO shy! Then she goes through a sudden change again- and she is back to the way she should be... any particular reason?

Repeat: I love love love LOVE your story! :D

1/23/2010 c17 Lalalala
And btw. The sex scene of Sniper and Tia was H-O-T. =P~
1/23/2010 c19 Lalalala
AND YEAH. I totally agree with you!

This story definitely deserves more reviews! :)
1/23/2010 c19 Lalalalala
Ohgodd. Please update! I'm absolutely DYINGG to find out what's gonna happen between Sniper and Tia!

And the 'Tia having sex with herself in front of Sniper' sounds pretty damn kinky to me. XD

Update son. :D
1/20/2010 c19 1Midnight113
So I just stumbled across this story and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. Incredible work, especially on the character development. I love the relationship between the characters and the playful banter/get on my nerves attitude, lol. It's very amusing. I'm looking forward to reading more!
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