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1/19/2010 c10 Eccthlacine
Not a bad story overall, but I could never get over the fact that it was distinctly shallow. This isn't meant to be a flame, just some observation on my part. While there are many well written stories involving the popular and beautiful, it's almost always done for either the irony of it or for some greater lesson. This one doesn't seem to have either; while the diction and syntax, overall flow, and foreshadowing are good as well, the storyline and point seem to be heavily lacking. There is not underlying lesson, nor does it focus on any individual who in anyway has anything to make up for, whether it is unfortunate circumstances beyond their control or significant differences that need to be overcome or any other detrimental situation that is the basis of the story. The main characters are "perfect" without flaw in character or physique, and, frankly, a little hypocritical. While the character views others as ditzy and pathetic, the exact same behavior was exhibited by the main character herself; there is no deeper thought beyond the boy. The significant lack of personal mental/emotional reprimand and intellectual thought makes even the main character rather flat, and causes the character, should she not be the focus of the third person omniscient view, to look exactly the same as the other "bimbos", the only difference being insight into her thoughts and her relationship with another main character. Overall, the story, considering your actual writing ability is quite good, has potential but lacks the turmoil required for a good story.
1/18/2010 c19 SugarRachLeonard
loved this chapter:)

update soon please:D
1/17/2010 c12 1tina36
I just realized something thing (don't worry I won't babble like I usually do) this is like a love square (instead of a triangle with three people it's a square or a quadrilateral but I like square better) Tia, skinny girl who doesn't know who she's inlove with, is dating Ice, hot guy who thinks he's inlove with Tia but we all know he's inlove with Alexia, the blonde with witts who's dating Sniper, the blue eyed charmer/playboy who's inlove with Tia (make sense, yeah didn't think so)
1/16/2010 c19 buznuz1
love love love love it! sorry im a preety crap reviewer but i promise to review your next chapters, PLEASE UPDATE!
1/16/2010 c19 lalalalala
Ohmygod. Love the story. :D

Update soon. :)
1/15/2010 c19 lvb1929
love this. soo god. can't wait for the next chapter
1/15/2010 c19 Fluffbars
Love your story!

I'm not really good at writing reviews so yeah...:)

And I love the idea of Tia having sex with herself and Sniper could only watch. XD

That would be so hot. XD

Hope you update soon. :)
1/14/2010 c19 Casey Lee
AND OH. I read your new story, FUBAR!

I can't wait to read the rest of it but I kinda like SL&HS better.

Well, it's just the first chapter anyway. XD

XD Can't wait till you update both of your stories. :D
1/14/2010 c13 Casey Lee
Tia and Sniper are so hot together.
1/14/2010 c19 ZOMBIE

Every chapter of it!

Especially Sniper and Tia.

hihihihi Tiper. :


'Cause it's like..Q R S then T.


XD This story has made me highh.
1/14/2010 c19 Casey Lee
Ohmygod! I can't wait till you update this! This is so exciting!

I am REALLY surprised that this story only has 600-ish reviews. VERY SURPRISED.


XD Please update soon. Even just a short chapter. :)
1/13/2010 c19 Anonymous
And I say that you should give shorter chapters but you'd update faster.

..Please? XD :D
1/13/2010 c19 Anonymous
And I'm sorry for only reviewing this chapter!

This was a way kick ass chapter.

I'm re-reading all the hot scenes of Tia and Sniper in this story. :"

I swear, they should have sex already! The tension is killingg them!
1/13/2010 c19 Anonymous
I love this story! I swear, I'm gonna make an account JUST to find out whether you updated this story or not. XD

This is how much I love your story.
1/10/2010 c10 tina36
Ok what does TBC mean cause you have it at the end of all your chapters and I have no clue what it stands for!
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