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1/1/2010 c19 2Keona Raynalise
OH! I just love how puppy adorable Sniper is! AND HIS NAME! Kenneth! Oh he tottaly seems like a Kenneth in disguise! But my favorite part of this chapter is in the closet, when he lunges for her as soon as she says yes! Oh ABORABLENESS! And when he gets instantly sad at the mention of friends with benifits? Very cute! Oh he is turning out to be so sweet! I hope to read more soon! Oh and while I like the long chapters I think I would prefer the faster shorter updates, if you cut the chapters in half I think they would still be pretty long!
1/1/2010 c17 1scarletfleur
hmm..sniper blocking the door. i wouldn't mind too much...:)

wow...alexia is definitely cool! it was really good how you made her that understanding...it was really original. we knows she was envious, but its good she still prefers their friendshop. it was hilarious when she was saying all the places where tia and sniper could do it! :) though...the pool? apparently that's health-hazardous. :P

aw..it was sweet of ice to let bri join his group, even though she's not really likeable.

overall, i really like this story and think it's extremely well-written.
12/26/2009 c19 lilaclia
i honestly love this

i just started reading a couple days ago .

and i really really love it ,

my favourite character is Sniper .

least favourite is either Ice or Kurt

i wish Tia would just break up with Ice already ,

but if she gets together with Sniper right after ,

Ice is gonna be jealous .

but i love this ,

and i'd rather have the short chapters and quick updates ,

keep updating ,

and Please Give Sniper His FairyTale Ending , !
12/25/2009 c19 J
wow, that was DEFINITELY worth the wait! but id actually prefer avoiding the long wait, so id vote on the 'not-so-long-but-faster-update' choice :)

this is a really good story, and i hope the lust doesnt stop anytime soon hahahaha. i cant think of one fault in your story!hahaha keep up the great work and i cannot WAIT for your next update! :)
12/24/2009 c19 SlugHunter
please please please update faster *dies from lack of updates*

and have you ever thought of rehashing the first few chapters? and i mean that in the nice way? :P

merry christmas~!
12/23/2009 c19 9Xaari
Waah I practically burst into tears at the section "You do have a heart!" followed by It’s yours if you’ll have it.

Oh please update more often - I don't care how short the chapters are! This story is addicting. :D
12/22/2009 c19 twilight24
Ok, so I totally LOVE this story...and Sniper! I just read this whole story so far, and it's better then a lot of the stories I've read on here so far. Sniper's just the most sexy, wonderful, caring, and in his own weird way, sweet people in this story. Ice on the other hand...well to put it nicely, is't really the best for Tia. I mean, if you look for them, you can see so many signs throughout the story that Tia and Ice don't mesh as well as everyone believes. And in many instances, Sniper proves to be more considerate towards her then Ice. I don't exactly know how I came to this conclusiion or why, but I think Ice suits Bri better.
12/22/2009 c19 ghurl00
Ohmygod! I'm hyperventilating right now. I feel sorry for Sniper, especially when he thought about giveng his heart to Tia, only if she accepts. I hope Ice and Tia will break-up soon. Update soon? Btw, Merry Christmas!=)
12/21/2009 c19 2book-geek
i loved that chapter! as much as i love ice, i love sniper more :D i hope she dumps ice for sniper, though im sure she wont ... not for a while anyway ;)

update soon!
12/21/2009 c19 1 800 vampire
I FREAKING LOVE YOUR STORY! just gonna put that out there. I really like the FWB idea, but i think it should go to a real relationship. I LOVE IT!
12/21/2009 c19 candy-shop-owner

*faints* all that sniper shmexiness is getting to me haha

Ill even send you candy if you update faster and make ice go away haha hes so annoying tia is stupid its mean of her to tell him she only wants to be friends with benefits.. :( poor sniper hes gonna be all alone and cold at night now.. you have to think of something to warm him up.. :P how about some sleep walking

i vote "no" for shorter chappies.. i like them how they are.. as long as it doesnt take you a year or more then 2 months to update im alright with it..

Hope you have a nice christmas and a happy new year...
12/21/2009 c19 Long-Time Reader
I've been a reader since before you had your longass break and didn't update for YEARS! I always came back because I just loved this series, and I'm glad I did, cause it's just gotten better and better and the chapter roll along. I'd actually like the longer chapter and not as quick updates, cause even though I love your story and I want to read on sooner, I'm used to the wait, and I think it just keeps suspense rising!

With the whole, Tia cheating on Ice thing, it's no cool to cheat, but it definitely scores points in this story, just cause it makes it so entertaining. I really want to see where this goes, and I don't think the breakup with Ice should be soon, I think Tia and Sniper should gradually (but not TOO gradually) "melt" together and Tia has to realize her true feelings belong with Sniper, even if she has feelings for Ice, Sniper obviously has her heart. ALSO! I think Max and Alexia should end up together! I think it's interesting how Max actually scofed at her. I think there should be, or almost be, something with Ash, but in the end, I think Max and Alexia belong together. ^^

GREAT STORY! I can't wait until your next chapter! ^^

P.S. Don't do the AN, it doesn't attract readers. And your first chapter are FINE!
12/21/2009 c19 3LEMonSArTiFiCiAlVoDkAandChAiRs
I really do love this story. FAV LIST! I think that you should cut your chapters in half. It would probably be easier for you to write them and if they're updated quicker I wouldn't have to go back and read to remember what happened last. lol. I like the FWB thing as long as they get together later!
12/21/2009 c19 Guest
YAY an update such a fantastic chpt and i love the FWB i don't like it when the main couple get together to quick i love things dragged out and you are doing it so nicely this way they are not together but we still get smoochies : ) OMG Kenneth hilarious best name ever its so funny and is shortened to Ken i love it. I don’t really know if the AN will have a bad effect i read your first chapters before the AN and kept going because i could tell the plot was good so maybe it is not necessary. As far as updating goes i don’t care as long as you do keep updating i have some favourite stories that just no longer seem to be updated and it sucks big time just do whichever fits you best.

By the way my name totally comes from Buffy i love that you picked up on that not many do.
12/20/2009 c19 AngelFire
Hey! I've been reading ur story for the past month. In my opinion you shouldstart with an FWB between sniper and tia but then I think they should be in a relationship. I think that ice should them go after tia's sister cause he was tlso nice to her in that class project and he didn't understand y tia was so mean to her.

Well anyways love the story and every two months is great! I love long chapters!

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