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12/5/2009 c18 5AmandaHold
I really like this story. I think it has really improved in the later chapters, but I like the whole thing. I'd really like to see her try to have a friends with benefits relationship with Sniper and then realize that it won't work because they care about each other too much. Besides, let's face it, friends with benefits relationships never work. Somebody always end up falling hard. I really like the MJ character. I enjoyed having a new character and a new atmosphere. I'd like to see more of the boys' past come out. I really didn't like Ice too much in this chapter. He seemed to let his true colors shine through though. I think I'm more team Sniper (but I think Ice sounds hotter). I know you've asked who we, as readers, would like everybody to end up with thoughout the story. I'd like Tia to end up with Sniper and Alexia with Max. It may be wierd, but I love that kid. He seems so adorable and the whole looser gets the hot girl cliche is cute. Okay, enough babble. Can't wait to read more and find out more about the mysterious bad boys' mysterious past. Update soon!
12/3/2009 c18 2book-geek
this is a really great story, cant wait for the next chapter :D
12/2/2009 c18 SummerChk06
ok so i just discovered your story and...I'M IN LOVE! please please please update again asap
12/2/2009 c18 ghurl00
Super awesome story! I love the characters! I hope Tia and Ice will break up soon. And don't do the friends with benefits thing. That's just wrong and based on Sniper's character, he won't like it. He's kinda possessive in some way, he doesn't like to share. Anyway, I hope you update soon! I like MJ by the way, she's one cool gal.=)
12/2/2009 c18 candy-shop-owner
Dude she needs to finally dump this stupid ice ass.. hes so annoying i want some shmexy lovin for tia and sniper hes a cutie.. i love it when he gets all angry.. *sigh*

Ice should already hook up with her sister so tia wont feel so bad after breaking up..
11/30/2009 c18 Humperdinky
Love, love, LOVE this story! Ice is so incredibly sweet, but you cannot deny the sexual tension between Sniper and Tia. It's palpable. That locker room scene in an earlier chapter almost had my hyperventilating. And when she pounced on him at the party... Just wow! I really like the way in which you've handled characterisation and plot.
11/30/2009 c18 e
update please
11/27/2009 c18 2Lady of Confusion
very cool story! update asap!
11/25/2009 c18 nancy
lOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Seriously, I can't wait to see a f w b relationship between tee and sniper. It's going to be incredible. Please update soonn!
11/24/2009 c18 SlugHunter
Hi! you're story is really really really good!

- definate friends with benefits fun :D

- more MJ but...theres a chance that with that you're story could become too cliche? as either way if alexia and MJ hit it off, or loathe each other .. *shrug*

- perhaps if you wanted to give your main char a little more depth of character? at the moment we're only seeing one side of her... which has worked really well actually but i guess im just thinking in terms of how long you're planning to keep this story going for *is hoping a long time*

anyways is seriously awesome!

- flower
11/21/2009 c18 1imaginethewordsxx
HA! I knew something was oing to happen between those two! Loved it good job! and UPDATE!
11/16/2009 c9 imaginethewordsxx
11/12/2009 c18 Idiotic Bookworm
wow its awesome :D

like, i love the whole story line and charcters and stuff...

PLEASE will u post really, really, really soon?

pretty please with sugar on top?

ur an awesome writer :D

review my story too plz...:D
11/11/2009 c18 toffeema
cute and sexy. please continue.
11/5/2009 c2 6eternalserenity

I just started reading SL&HS yesterday and I finished your latest chapter today. I think your story is awesome!

Here is some of my thoughts. I love the idea of Tia and Ice, but I just feel like they as a couple are not developed fully enough. I don't think they are that close even though they think they love each other. Also, I always thought of Ice as a super bad boy, but so far he hasn't really done anything. Besides, how can he really hold back for Tia? Obviously Tia is ready for sex, but they haven't done anything yet. But in the last chapter I saw major progression of development. Yay!

Also, I really love how the Tia and Sniper development. They seem to really click and I can't wait to see what happens!


P.s. I absolutely love Alexia. The scene where she and the guys are at Club 109 showed an inside to her thoughts. I get like that when I'm drunk. I start thinking things all weird, but it just seems like its the truth and its coming out clearly.
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