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10/31/2009 c18 5itsVKEE
so Ice, Sniper, Roy and all them are white boys?

why do i get the vibe they are like... those bad ass rebels, but they aren't wannabes XD

honestly; i think this story is fantastic. You don't see many of these kind of original, witty stories anymore. everyone is always copying everyone else. it's always the same old shit. but this is great. it's original, and i think i've already said that, but truly it is. it's got these major twists that noone really expects, but it happens and you're just sitting there like "no Tia! you idiot!". You don't expect the rash bipolar attitudes between everyone, and you certainly don't expect the stupid things that everyone has been cuahgt doing.

all in all a great start; hopefully you'll continue writing this. it's been a great, no scratch that, an fan-flipping-tastic read =D
10/30/2009 c18 Kimberly Beckwith
Oh CRAP! so good cant see if this works out i think lot of drama! write more son!
10/30/2009 c18 12All Over You
goodness! i have been waiting FOREVER(!) for you to update!

i love this story. plot twists, manwhores, bitches, and all :]

sexual tension between sniper (my fave btw) and tia is through the roof and they definitely need to do something about it asap ;]

update when you can! i know things are a little crazy since school is in session and life tends to get in the way :]
10/28/2009 c18 abandonnnnned
I loved this story! I read the whole thing in one fell swoop (ignoring all cleaning I was supposed to be doing) and am hooked! Clearly Ice sucks, and it's time for Tia and Sniper to get it AWN! (It's so much classier spelt that way, don't you think?)

Anyhow, if you update soon, I will love you forever!
10/27/2009 c18 1obsessivity
Ah ~ ! D:

you're so mean man !

taking so long to update ;-;


10/27/2009 c18 4smileinthemira
this is soo good. I like the fwb idea (friends with benefits). Sniper is soo cute
10/27/2009 c18 CherryCokeZero
OMG so excited you updated! My internet wasnt working and i couldnt get one for three days, i got the update on my phones email and started going crazy because i couldnt read it. Every chapter this gets better and better!
10/27/2009 c18 6ithinkyourgay
hey that was a great chapter good work :)

tia NEEDS to break up with ice and get with sniper!

please update soon!

ithinkyourgay :D
10/26/2009 c18 11tini5585
Whew what a steamy chapter! I would like to know more about MJ and how she fits in with all the boys. I want Tia to be with Sniper, so I guess the friends with benefits thing would be fun to see, even though it will probably end up badly. Can't wait for the next update!
10/25/2009 c18 candykillz
Wow. I love this chapter! I can't wait for the next one. Sniper sounds so sexy with his self-restraint and manliness. No wonder Tia is lusting over him. Thank you for updating! I'm so happy! Just reading this seriously made my day complete!:) I was scared that by the end of this chapter Tia would have her hair chopped off, that would be really... disastrous, don't want her to become any less perfect. So far... MJ is cool, I hope she doesn't turn bitchy on Tia like... in the Mean Girls movie where Regina George did with Cady. I so... want to see Sniper and Tia do the whole friends with benefits! Just reading this chapter made me not care about Ice, harsh? LOL. I still want Ice though, he's uber-hot.

Please update soon!:)
10/25/2009 c18 2THis doesn't even exist
Ice is too sweet for me to really have an interest in him.

Pf course there is that whole bad boy thing that attracts the girls.

but sniper is more of an ass, which makes me like him more.

I want to see the friends with benifits, but I would feel bad for sniper.

I like MJ. It willk be good for Tia to have a friend that knows more about the guys.

But why do both of her friends hate ice?

he isn't a bad guy or anything.

Also, I see that when you mean to say oops, you often say opps.

it makes me laugh :)

Can't wait for the next post

10/25/2009 c18 3LEMonSArTiFiCiAlVoDkAandChAiRs
hm...I'm starting to really NOT like Ice anymore...He's a bit...obnoxious. :/ MJ's a little bit slutty but she's awesome. I love that girl. xDAnd the friends with benefits deal with Sniper sounds good. lol.
10/25/2009 c18 sega bananer
Wow! This chapter was really loaded with sexuall tension. Me like! ;)

Before this chapter I actually liked Ice, and I thought he was a pretty decent guy. I even thought that he and Alexia had this love-hate thing going on (don't ask me why, I just got that feeling :P), because Ice obviously doesn't belong with Tia. But after I read this chapter I *completely* changed my mind about Ice: it feels like we've finally discoverd his true colour. Now I think his an asshole. :P

It was a really good chapter, and I like it long! And by the way, Tia and Sniper are real hot togather.
10/25/2009 c18 2shellbell10
MJ is crazy lol. I like her a lot. What's going to be MJ's role in the story?
10/25/2009 c18 Lil dancer x
OMG ! U r amazing sweety ! The moment i saw the notice that theres a new chappy i started to laugh then i saw the length of it and i was screaming .. my mum looked at me like ive grown another head :D First of all a HUGE thanx ! Secondly , I want to comment on the chappy a lil ;) 1) when they were "talking" at the first part i was like what ? it cant be sniper ! then i wanted to beat tia for being a bitch to sniper then i wanted to beat sniper for being a prick :D but then i decided i can never hurt my snippy pooh :D Ice is the REAL DICK ! He is starting to annoy me ! and MJ she is wild i give her that and im worried about how she will influence tia but lets hope it wont be bad . Sniper is the hero ! Go Snippy ! I cant wait for them to start their "friends with benefits" thingy hehe . I want them to fall in love while doing it :D which im sure it will happen , It MUST happen right ? :D anyway i will shut up now . THANX again darling :D UPDATE ASAP ! u roc ! x
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