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3/28/2012 c20 3xDangerousLovex
I So wish you would complete the story. I read it like once a week!
2/8/2012 c8 java jama
every tin went to fast roy shud not get dat molested but doz bitchiz ash and ane
1/27/2012 c20 anonymous
I just re-read the whole story because I missed it so much! It still makes my heart clench whenever I read about Sniper pining for Tia and Tia's inner conflicts. Ahhhh hope you get to update soon :)
1/23/2012 c1 3xbelivex
12/4/2011 c20 lovethisstoryandwantmore
Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeee updaaaaaaaate sooooooooooooooooooon!
11/8/2011 c20 eryn rollins
really like this story! love tiper! UPDATE PLEASEE!
10/16/2011 c20 Nelsonstudenthigh09
Such a good story I haven't been able to stop and now realizing that you havent updated in a while is going to kill me olive this story and I can't stand to lose it lol please update :)
10/4/2011 c20 Curly03
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. I cannot wait for the next chapters to come.
9/22/2011 c20 I fucking hate Tia
I love this story, I really do, your a great writer. I hate tia she's a selfish little bitch who thinks she owns the world, I don't feel sympathy towards her at all, but I'm glad you made her so imperfect even though she portrays perfection. I also love Ice and Sniper, but I don't codone cheaters, so I hate Tia and Sniper. Snipers a bastard for doing that to Ice, I may not know a lot about Ices past, but like I always say, your past may be dirty but your futures a clean slate. Tias wrong to compare them too because they're polar opposites, Sniper hides how he really is but Ice is straightfoward. I think that's what Tia wants someone who's a little rough around the edges but is a sweetheart. I have doubts that Tia ever really loved Ice, but I think she shouldve broken up with him if she started to have feelings for his best friend. I hope ice finds out soon, so I can punch Sniper in the face a couple times and dumb Tias ass. She doesn't deserve any of them, she deserves ythe consequences of her actions and so does Sniper. On another note I LOVE A.S.S. She is absolutely my favourite. She reminds me of me. And I love that, and I also love MJ. I love this story and please hurry and update
9/15/2011 c20 chrissy2911
Well this sucks you didn't finish wtiting the story ...its been a year so i doubt you will finishh but hope you do. This was one of my favorite stories to read I fell in love with sniper and ice right there with tia ... I feel her ppain but hope she realizes its not ice that she loves its sniper and they make the perfect match alexia is much better suited for ice and ice in general is a bit of an ass who I just can't help feeling like karma is biting him in the ass ...mj well she's a bit sneakyand im not sure what to think of her other then she realizes helps tia to losen up well hope you continue writing
9/7/2011 c20 Jessica
This story is amazing..I love reading it. :D

I hope you update soon. I miss it.
9/4/2011 c20 pterodactylion
ohmygod. You're kidding, right? You had to stop RIGHT there?

Ugh, keep going, aight!
9/3/2011 c15 xNirvanax
gotta say i rooting for sniper/tia cause i think ice is being to overprotective and starting to show his violent side while while snipers actually been there for tia and theres the actual passion and attraction which tia + snipe obviously have while tias + ices is dwindling not i dont love ice cause i do i hope he gets a happy ending as well :) i also very much like that you have more of snipes view i think he is a VEEERRY interesting character :)) xx
9/3/2011 c14 xNirvanax
i love your story so very much but there is one character that annoys the living fucks n shit outta me and its Bri, i cant help i want to punch her in the face and slap some sense into the girl! she just gets on my last nerve! i dont want you to erase her from the story cause you obviously awesome at writing and have something planned with her and kurt...which i can not wait to read! (excited squeal) but im hoping whatevers in plan is a HUMONGOUS wake up call for this girl! :) i hope you keep on writing amazing stories like this! x
8/18/2011 c20 AbbeyXD
hey! awesome story! update soon? because this is too good of a story to abandon! :D so you should update soon! :)
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