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7/27/2011 c20 lovermont
Just found this story a few days ago. Couldn't put it down. I see you haven't updated in like a year. This makes me sad =(. It's a really great story and you should pick it up again!
7/27/2011 c20 KaityT
please please plesae update soon! ur killing me weith the wait! come on,,,, please?
7/18/2011 c20 2BeetrootIsPink
Dude...wow...lost for words. This story is just...brilliant! (You probably get that alot) Anywho...really funny! I like how you make most of the girls at the school bimbos...how you right them just cracks me up! Hahahhaa! Omg, when she was dreaming about how her and Sniper doing it and Ice walking in...I like had a heart attack..I was so relieved when I found out it was a dream! I seriously think Ice is an arse, I didnt like him from the beginning. I mean I didnt like Snipper either, but now I've seen his true colours I just love him! She should soooo dump Ice :P
7/17/2011 c1 Guest
7/6/2011 c20 CharlotteBradhadair
i really like it - sniper and tia would make such a nice couple
6/23/2011 c20 AminahRae
Hey so i reeeeeally want to kill you right now you see i started reading this story just yesterday and i couldn't stop i swear. I was at my world history class and i spent the whole hour reading this instead of paying attention and when i finally get to the end i realized it wasn't complete AND you haven't updated for almost a year so please please please UPDATEEEE.

Oh yeah also i'm not proud to say this but i was SO glad she cheated on Ice with Sniper, since the beggining i've been waiting for something to happen between those two and it's not like ice treats her very well.

I think your story is amazing it kept me glued to the computer for an entire day so PLEASE update!
6/19/2011 c20 xsweetxtartx
wow, i am loving this story :)

hope that tia figures things out soon before she causes anymore unnecessary drama..
6/12/2011 c20 shockedbutlovethestory
Hey, I was reading your notes on Chapter 19 I think it was and you should be happy that so many people are reading your story. I have seen so many other good stories that have 5 or a little more reviews and yours has over 700 especially since it takes awhile for you to update. Also, with the readers being patience enough to wait that long for another update. I know and understand that you are busy, but I'm sorry that note just really bothered me on so many levels. I would be ecstatic that so many people are reading it and that you do have tons of reviews. But, I did want to tell you that I do really love this story and can't get enough of it especially Tia and Sniper and can't wait until they get together! I'm sorry about earlier I just really had to get it off my chest. If anything sounded mean I truly did not mean it. I just thought that you should be happy at how many people are responding especially when usually (that I have seen, but could be wrong) people usually get around 100 or give or take a few (that was my only intention of saying that)
6/7/2011 c20 geekykidnextdoor
i just started reading this story two days ao and yeasterday, i found myself alr at the last chapter. ): please update real soon, i cnt wait to find out what happens next hehe xD this story is reallly amazing and sniper is so hot! hehe please let Tia dump Ice! Tia and Sniper are so cute tgt and Sniper is definitely one hell of a gentleman!
6/5/2011 c20 fallingformusic
I love this story and I've read it like 3 times already, please please PLEASE continue it!
5/26/2011 c11 2Summer Harrison
Awesome chapter!
5/23/2011 c20 VanillaSnowdrops
Man, Ice is such an asshole to MJ. I used to prefer him to Sniper, but it's the opposite now! Tia and Sniper forever~ please update soon! (:
4/2/2011 c20 Guest
:O love this story, you are an awesome writer x
3/17/2011 c20 Lexy7432
I obviously am a new fan & I c how long it's been since u updated, so plz come back & update asap. :D

Let Sniper and Tia get and stay together...officially? Plz?

Btw, I love MJ!
3/5/2011 c20 Stygian
I'm ridiculously into this story. And then I see the last update was in September? I'm seriously bummed out. It's not even done yet and for the past two days I've spent every extra minute I have trying to catch up! I sincerely hope you haven't gotten bored with this story and with that in mind, I cannot wait for the next chapter. Let's say tomorrow.
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