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2/17/2011 c20 bella
so i just read this whole thing again because i love love love it. so yeahh, an update would be awesome
2/3/2011 c20 chewey-lewie
awesome, sniper is crazy hott.

pleasee update, read the whole thing in one sitting and having withdrawal symptoms already!
1/19/2011 c20 Rosedreamer101
Oh goodie ! Ice's bad boyfriend side is coming out ! (: I want you to know that there's still many many people reading this story, so please don't give up and keep on writting ! (:
1/19/2011 c17 Rosedreamer101
): If only Ice wasn't so sweet...then I wouldn't feel so bad about rooting for Sniper.
1/5/2011 c19 aliskyes
im loving this story :D

deff one of the best iv read so far , i started reading it only an hour ago and cant wait too finish it (:
11/10/2010 c20 1ilovetheoldu
Fucking awesome this novel you have going on! I adore it so keep on writing that you have a fan down here in Puerto Rico!
11/9/2010 c20 praneethaalovesbieber
This is awesome! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE! :) thanks
11/8/2010 c20 Teatea123
I'm not a hater, but I will take a smore :D ...but yeah Im glad you got a new comp and are updating again. I find myself thoroughly enjoying this story ^^
11/7/2010 c19 ilovetheoldu
OMFG! I so love this story! it's so freaking aawesome! Will you please please Update! Please I really want to read the next chapter alredy! I just cant wait for it to come out! WEll lost of Love from here In Puerto Rico! Just ti let you know you have a Fan In the Caribe! XD

11/4/2010 c20 Gee
Gah more! I refused to sleep until I've finished but it isn't yay! :D it's 4 in the fucking morning and this story's got me too hooked!

Need moree please and thank yous
10/28/2010 c20 2Keona Raynalise
OMG I MISSED IT. My Spam box Malfunctioned at ate all my emails, except for the ones i DIDNT wanna read so when i checked and saw this i was like OMG I HAVENT SEEN THAT IN FOREVERz! YAY! lol Great chapter, but not to much action, both types ;D Except for the dream that is! I cant wait for next chapter! The date is DEFIANTLY something to look forward to!
10/22/2010 c20 Keira
holy shit, its been like a year! but this is worth the wait! update soon please!
10/22/2010 c20 cosmetgirl
yaay! took you long enough!

i love this story
10/20/2010 c20 Lovely.Boo
Been a fan of your story since you started it and I'm glad that I stumbled on it again!:) Thanks for the updates and please update soon.:)
10/18/2010 c20 SlugHunter
:D YAY! you updated! (a while ago) but :D

i didn't mind this chapter! some of it was a little _" but eh...

oh! i didn't like the dream part though it seemed a bit cliche? i dunno but i like the message it was portraying and such XD also like the internal/moral struggle of the character for realism... (i just had an english exam so all i can think of is textual integrity and Hamlet) T_T

but anyways! love love! hope you update soon! :D
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