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10/16/2010 c20 LynnReview
I'm SO glad you CAN'T make s'mores out of this... i love it. :) This is just a "story-starter within a story."

Never stop.

P.S: i LOVE the Tia/Sniper relationship! Hehe
10/14/2010 c20 RedMae
update soon please! i am in love with this story!
10/11/2010 c20 foxyricanlady
great story, i started reading it yesterday and i loved it so much cant wait to your next update
10/10/2010 c20 1matchutea
Oh my goodness! Keep going please. (:

Ice, please buzz off thanks. [:

Tia && Sniper ( Ken ) For life.

There just too cute. [:
10/9/2010 c20 orangecandyy
I really look forward to your updates! Your writing style is awesome! I wish I could write as well as you!

Oh man, Ice is starting to suspect something fishy. It's sweet how he's so loyal to Tia but damn, I like Sniper way more! I could already see how this will end. Situations like these NEVER end well.

I really like MJ! The girl is so wise and wild. Hahaha. She would be an amazing friend to have.

I'm glad you're updating again! I'll be looking forward to your next update! ^^
10/4/2010 c20 Diamandis
Just finished reading your whole story. It took me a whole but I did it! I feel sad for Ice, but I really love Sniper and Tia together, they make a great couple, and Sniper sounds much hotter! :) Keep undating!
10/1/2010 c20 Jessica
I can't wait to read the next chapter and see how their double "date" goes. Great work. :)
9/27/2010 c20 1xXkittykatt
Yay! You finally updated! I think I'm in love with Sniper. Lol. Anyways this was an amazing chapter! I still think that Tia should be with Sniper rather than Ice. And I hope that Ice doesn't turn into a total jackass, but he has been kinda jerkish lately. I dread the chapter when he finds out about Tia and Sniper. *shudders* plz plz plz don't make us wait so long for the next update! XD This story is one of the best for sure
9/24/2010 c20 buznuz1
great update! And I'll take three smores with extra chocolate for this review ;P

I like how Tia and Snipers relationship is becoming more complicated, better to ease the reader in than them just falling madly in love with eachother, love MJ and I though that the whole thing with Masters helping her pick up the pieces, was really sweet and the perfect way to nudge Tia to finally admit she likes Sniper more than just a FB
9/23/2010 c20 tyanaaa
!@#$%^ I swear to you every time I logged onto FictionPress I had my fingers crossed that you would update, even though it had been months and months I still had hope. I had to do a double take when I saw the Update change and then I squealeedd with happiness haha. But Sniper... oh he is just too good for words. He seems like the perfect guy.. way better for Tia than Ice. Why is she still holding onto him? Oh and I love how you added that little thing about "A Guido without their tanning beds". Jersey shore! haha. Anyways I'm so happy that you updated, even if you hate this chapter and I hope you never leave us hanging like that again! Can't wait till your nxt update :]
9/23/2010 c20 DesertWhiteRose2
More Sniper and Tia. Ice can have her sister. And yep the world will be okay. You may have hated it but i found it a nice little piece before the fun
9/23/2010 c20 bella
ahh, i'm so happy you updated. i love this story and i have to say sniper is the perfect bad boy with a sensitive side. you would never have guessed if he didn't want you to know. i love it. i love him and tia more than ice and tia, which is sad because i adored ice and tia but oh well, shit happens. update soon(:
9/23/2010 c20 1Midnight113
I'm so glad you updated this, it's one of my favorites. That chapter was so good, I really enjoyed it. Her dream was pretty intense, I like that she shared some of it with Sniper. He's such a sweetie. Awesome cliffy, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. Update when you can!
9/22/2010 c20 angel-fire-007
Thanks for the chapter... I actually think it was a good chapter and should not be burned, so pls dont urn it. Is Ice gonna catch them?
9/22/2010 c20 Thundaga.blitz
Hahaha, it's alright. I'm just glad you updated! HEHEHE

I didn't like the dream part though. It just seems so...k. :)) BUT YOU UPDATED SO WOOHOO. I will stalk your profile for the next update. :
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