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9/5/2010 c16 1danni-loves-too-reid
HOly motherfucker !
8/27/2010 c18 LynnReview
Okay. You know its an AWESOME story when u can totally picture it like a movie in ur head... that sounds cheezy i know but its so true... keep writing dammit!

~Lynn ♥
8/26/2010 c19 LynnReview
Hi. Just started reading your stories and they are fricken awesome. I'm TOTALLY jealous of your writing. I love Tess/Sniper...

Did you ever mention Ice's "real" name?

8/20/2010 c19 Dearestdiep
ur amazing! please keep on writing this story! i
8/2/2010 c7 4lissalee
i loove this story.

and i love the part where Undersized it talking to Ice about Tia.
8/2/2010 c8 lissalee
'stuff it, Sanchez' (Y) love it!
8/2/2010 c11 lissalee
ah Sniper, already a resident bad boy.
8/2/2010 c12 lissalee
Ice is a good little boyfriend now, ain't he?
8/2/2010 c13 lissalee
Sniper is just -ahh-

Ice too is absolutely -sighh-
8/2/2010 c14 lissalee
haha, love the little details you put in- always keeps me entertained, like 'Call Chandelle...'

KEN MASTERS! AH in love?
8/2/2010 c15 lissalee
oh yeah, calling Sniper.

SUCKS TO YOU ICE! nahh, i love him really.
8/2/2010 c16 lissalee
Aww! Snipey! lil' cutie. saving her and all :)
8/2/2010 c19 lissalee
okay, after reading your AN, I promise to go back and review each chapter I haven't already done. :) Though they might end up sounding a little repetitive because this your writing in this story really is little short of AH-MAZING!

i love love love this whole triangle. I feel that very few authors can really execute all angles of a love-triangle properly, it always ends up too rushed or too out of the blue or you always end up hating one of the characters, but in your story you've really made them all likeable (I mean I love little Snipe more but I still like Ice)and it wasn't so random that you made Sniper like Tia because it was developing throughout and same goes with Tia liking him back- i figure it's all pretty believable.

So yeah, I really love this story!

A nice long review, just for you ;)
7/31/2010 c18 buznuz1
I loved this chapter because i could totally see Tia and MJ dancing on top of the table with 20 drooling guys around them, lol! please update because during the wait I've re-read this story about 8 times and its becoming really sad that I know half the chapters off by heart! so PLEASE UPDATE! And also, i want to thank either you or your beta for doing a really profesh job with the story, it really ruins it when your reading a story and it like your texting someone, with bad grammar and crap spelling, but this story is really well-written and cohesive, as well as properly spelt, thanks for spending so much time writing stories that the rest of us can read and ABSOULOUTELY LOVE! it makes my life a little more interesting! ;P
7/29/2010 c19 SALTY GOODNESS
I LOVE this story i have just read it again, god knows how many times that is now , I just love Sniper so so much. UPDATE PLEASE i need my fix. I cant wait till Snipers friends start to realise that Tia knows a whole lot about him she should accidentally say his name at school or something ahh the looks on their faces would be priceless :)

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