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6/15/2004 c6 14FireBringer
Very cool
5/1/2004 c5 playing round
omg! haahhaha i was getting confused! i had NO idea wat was going on! i mean..i was reading chapter 6 and was like...book?story? wat story? so i went back to chapter 5 and it was changed! hahah noe im getting it! but i htink u should tell people in the 6th chapter..or we would be very confused!
hahah..but that other chapter was very amusing..heheheh!
4/25/2004 c6 8i.forgive.you
Thank you for correcting chapter 5, it's fun. This chapter was great. I liked that.
4/24/2004 c6 YOUR FAV. CUZ
Omg i love this story...You must write more now...I mean now...don't stand there reading this...write
4/4/2004 c5 6xFaithandTrust33
see i reviewed your story...now you can return the favor. *hint hint* Great Chapter! I love your stories. Can't wait to read that new one *wink wink*
3/16/2004 c5 3theangryfeminist
LOL. At least it looks like people enjoyed the accidental chapter. :)
3/14/2004 c5 8i.forgive.you
Okay, I'm confused now. What is going on, did I miss something?
3/14/2004 c5 airelothwen
*scrunchy face* That seemed random. I liked it, but it did seem random. Was she like remebering? or was it like a dream or like a new character called Sam? Or was it a mistake?
3/14/2004 c5 yu-chi
whos aiden?
did i miss sumthin?
3/13/2004 c5 Kuri
...who's Aiden?...but that was a good chapter ^-^
3/1/2004 c4 1Princess Rayna
Your story is really rich with new ideas! your word choice is really descripive! please keep writting!
3/1/2004 c1 Princess Rayna
this one is a lot different from your other work! but i find it wonderful! i will read on now!
3/1/2004 c4 8i.forgive.you
Please stop torturing me by ending it at the best part, that's called cruel and unusual punishment. *starts bawling*
3/1/2004 c3 i.forgive.you
Why must you torture me by ending the chapter everytime the story gets good. *starts crying*
3/1/2004 c2 i.forgive.you
Oh come on! Why did you have to end it there of all places, why must you torture me?
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