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5/3/2004 c9 16Aurora Dusk
omg. alyth and clara...twins? cool! it was a really great chapter and im glad u changed ur mind for this ONE time! now good luck with ur finals and skool and stuff
5/1/2004 c9 Silver Huntress
What's gonna happen next? i cant wait. update soon.
4/28/2004 c9 1L.Montgomery
Can't wait till the next chapter! And good luck with your exams!
4/28/2004 c9 forever with dusk
yikes! exams, yeah, big killer. lols
::sigh:: okay ill wait for your update. i hope u write more soon but u should focus on ur studies, they're important
~forever with dusk
4/25/2004 c8 16Aurora Dusk
this chapter was great, even though not a lot happened. i think jake and jaala are really cute! aw, and poor alyth! i wonder how marc is gonna feel about clara and liam? ::mysterious:: okay, so ill be on the look out for ur next chapter! it's really great!
4/23/2004 c8 49Endowment's Seraph
this is good. not much to say. But I agree with you on the beta thing, I'm a beta myself but I don't ever want one. If someone always fixes my mistakes for me, then I'll just keep making them.
4/22/2004 c7 16Aurora Dusk
hii! i reviewed ur story once b4 under soccerlovergirl149 but i changed my pen name so here i am!
aw! she asked him out! i don't know why, but i like liam better than marc. lol
okay, so ill be looking out for your update anyday now. hehe , jk
4/17/2004 c7 32caks
AW! omg that's so cute! yay he sounds nice, and if he would hurt the guy who hurt his sis, then he wouldn't hurt clara either! well, at least he shouldn't... hehe funnyfunny marc will be jealous ^_^
4/17/2004 c2 2Du Soleil Oriental
That's a totally awesome book there! Sayuri is way beyond cool.
But anyway I must get back to reading.
4/17/2004 c7 4Sing With The Elevator Music
YAY she made the first move! thats always cool! stop leaving cliff hangers though! i cant wait for more please udate soon!
4/17/2004 c7 fergie
4/5/2004 c6 49Endowment's Seraph
oh, I like Liam, nice name too. He sounds so dreamy, the mysterious bad boy attitude. oh. lol. write more soon, sorry for the delay in my review.
4/3/2004 c6 hyshfaery
its kinda funny dontcha think that pretty much everything clara wears down to the detail of the shoes ive got sitting in mu room? didnt know ya liked them lol im flattered hunnybunch. also who knew u had such a talent for writing? *sigh* who knew heehee xx
4/2/2004 c6 4Sing With The Elevator Music
i took gymnastics for like lessthan a year when i was younger and i know nothing about it so dont feel too bad its okay. we can gather that she did a good job from her getting 'in' anyway i cant wait for more litteraly! you had best hurry up (okay i know i shouldnt be talking lol) i dont like 'reavealing' clothes either. lol i always wear pants unless im going to church and then i wear a skirt, but if i had my choice i would so totally go for a suit like the men get to wear. lol i dont even wear clothes that reveal my mid drif (drift? what ever you get the just)
4/2/2004 c6 fergie
feckin rite girl! magick, as always! hahahaha sorry if you're not allowed to swear :S but anyway, you better hurry up and write more! and keep it up or I'll kick you're ass in school...hahaha see! I reviewed! but aye its really good! one question though...are any of these characters based on anyone? like you know how there's twins... :D hehehe
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