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3/31/2004 c6 firess
YAY! i love it. dont make her out to be one of those stereotypical icky prep blondes though? it would completely ruin the story. but so far i LOVE it! hurry with the next chapter please
3/31/2004 c6 32caks
ooh cool! she sounds really good, and i cant wait to see if marc or liam will get her! lol great chap
3/31/2004 c2 firess
I LOVE THAT BOOK! memoirs of a geisha. it's awesome. question...what's the food you mention?
3/31/2004 c6 16Aurora Dusk
hii! i really really REALLY like this story and can't wait for more! if u ever need any help with american stuff just let me kno cuz i live in New York. i think this story has a lot of potential and can't wait to see where its goin!
3/31/2004 c6 14Ashley the Fair
Interesting, so far. Great chapter. Update soon!
3/27/2004 c5 4Sing With The Elevator Music
o are the boys gonna fight over Clara? i hope! it was really good!
3/27/2004 c5 14Ashley the Fair
Who's his twin? Who is this Liam person? He's so mysterious and probably very sexy. hehe. Dang, now you got me all curious. I like the introduction of the new characters, both Liam and Jaala. But why were guys glaring at her? Answer my questions please! ^_^ Update soon!
3/26/2004 c5 32caks
oh i like it! hehehe yay lol ok luv it keep updating! this is going on my alerts thing! yay
3/20/2004 c4 4Sing With The Elevator Music
okay my last review i asked you a couple of question and yeah they were answered. i really like where this story is headed i cant wait for more. the popular people in this story arent the stereotyped kind and i like that even though i'm one of those people who would do anything to not been seen with a jock or cheeleader. as i think about it more i guess they're nice just a little too happy but being happy is a good thing im confusing myself so i'm going to stop while im ahead, or not. lol never mind keep going, its really good!
3/20/2004 c4 14Ashley the Fair
Clara seems to be quite popular among the guys. I'm jealous. Hehe. Anyways, good chapter. I wonder how Marc's first tutoring session will go. *raises eyebrow suggestively* lol. Update soon.
3/20/2004 c2 4Sing With The Elevator Music
do you have an accent? did you ever live in scottland? i really like you pen name im a sucker for romance to hehehe i really like your story, please continue!
3/20/2004 c4 49Endowment's Seraph
ah, this is good. AP classes are advanced placement classes, you get college credit for them, and it's like, a higher level then honors classes. See, my high school is a bit different. We start at 7:20 am, end at 2:42pm, and have eight periods. Now you have to take a certain ammount of credits, and each class may or may not be a different credit then the last. so you can get off hours to eat lunch or something. I have two off hours myself. and next year i have to take 7credits,and you have to have a total of 27 to graduate, so that's pretty much the git of my school. Write more soon!
3/5/2004 c3 2Kittycat23
hiya! i want more plz! ;) really good!
3/4/2004 c3 14Ashley the Fair
Aww, don't worry Marc! I'm rooting for ya! Hehe. Good chapter. So, Marc likes Clara, huh? ^_^ Jake seems nice and fun to hang around.
And AP classes are "Advanced Placement" classes that can count for a college credit like the other reviewer said. Students in high school can also take honors courses which are more advanced then regular classes and you get extra points for them. CP classes are college prep and are the regular classes. You also get the regular courses like the maths and sciences and English. But you have to take physical education and health and you can take different electives like computer programming and whatever else a school offers. Like, I take journalism as an elective at my school. And most schools have a study hall where u can do your homework and stuff. (a free period, basically) Um, dunno what else to say about American high schools. But if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask. Well, update soon! I can't wait to see what's gonna happen. Hasta.
3/4/2004 c3 Megan29
hey! great story! AP classes are basically classes you can take in highschool and get college credit for. You have to take a test at the end of the year and that determines if you get the credit. You are scored on a scale of 0-5. 3 and up is passing. Most colleges take 3's, but some require 4s or 5s.
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