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2/22/2004 c2 14Ashley the Fair
I finally got to read this too. Anyways, I like it so far. I like where it's going. I can't wait to see the sparks fly! Keep writing. :-D Hasta.
2/17/2004 c1 1FamousOneLiners
I completely agree with your penname and it seems like a promising cliche
2/16/2004 c1 JazzeeT
Now this is interesting.. i like it... and she's wants to do engineering and ur title is engineering ...very catchy..also love ur pen name *winka* update soon
2/16/2004 c1 Pyro
So far so good. i wanna know more. post another chapter soon please thanx bunches
2/16/2004 c1 10A Different Kind of Yellow
im luvin it luvin it luvin it!
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