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for The hidden animal inside us all

4/16/2004 c14 19Burnt Bread
You ahve a great idea going for you, however you might want to work on the way you tell the story. But please, continue, i'll be looking out for more.
4/13/2004 c14 30Roadside Dryer
3/29/2004 c13 Roadside Dryer
2/18/2004 c12 Roadside Dryer
Good job. the boy was a nice touch. favs
2/18/2004 c11 Roadside Dryer
Good job, interesting. I didn't find any mistakes.
2/18/2004 c10 Roadside Dryer
Good job. Spelling mistakes.
2/18/2004 c9 Roadside Dryer
Good, maybe it's the main person that is the killer but doesn't know? Good job. I think if the wolf was the killer it would have been more rabid, not just laying their and letting some human pick it up.
2/18/2004 c8 Roadside Dryer
Good, the short story was good but the hanging part was a little to quickly said, if this was something harder to share they would of like tried to avoid it. Anyway good job.
2/18/2004 c7 Roadside Dryer
What's gonna happen? Little grammer mistakes but thats all. good job
2/18/2004 c6 Roadside Dryer
I don't get it. Liz Rainwater, did the older lady say that or the main person? Good job.
2/18/2004 c5 Roadside Dryer
Good, yet again don't shorten words cause you feel like being lazy "4..for" good job anyway.
2/18/2004 c4 Roadside Dryer
Good, you really need to brush up on your grammer and spelling and spacing. Good job.
2/18/2004 c3 Roadside Dryer
Interesting..mu. Just a pointer, when you are writing you should use the whole word in stead of a short term, thnx...thanks.
2/18/2004 c2 Roadside Dryer
Good job, interesting. Shouldn't the paw be bigger? Or maybe it was and i just didn't get that part. Good job. I love law and order expesially SVU
2/18/2004 c1 Roadside Dryer
Good I like, interesting. You have a few mistake but then again who doesn't. I got kinda mad at the part on her first date but i don't know why..I guess i knew what was going to happen. Anyway ignore me..I'm strange. Good job. Have you read "Blood and CHocolate?"

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