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for The Weird Neighbour

1/5/2008 c1 Diane
"hot terror turned my guts to jelly" . One has to wonder what kind of monster is lurking in Lynn McEachern's head. Could she be the next Stephen King? or Dean Koontz? I love how she keeps it impersonal ; "Mrs. Kindly Busybody",etc to generically describe any neighborhood in any city or town.
3/24/2004 c1 158outruntheavalanche
Oh! [loves] Awesome!
2/19/2004 c1 Strega Brava
Scary stuff indeed! I'm just glad I waited until the early afternoon to read this. Well done!
2/18/2004 c1 kayee
Wow...lol I'm not really into horror, but wow! I loved it, very creepy ::shudder:: Very well written, I especially like how you didn't name the characters just called them Mr. Weird Neighbour or Mrs. Busybody ... Well I'm going to have nightmares, I shall never spy on a neighbour again!

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