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for So Simple, Yet so Hard

8/7/2006 c1 1J'Adore Les Phoques
... Yeah! What's with the whole 'separation of chruch and state' when it seems like almost no one wants to allow same sex marriages? I spit on them! I spit on them all! [no not really]

Great stuff. You're talented.
7/12/2005 c1 Widom
Well, go you. I'm glad that you decided to write about this particular issue, because I believe that, more often than not, people just don't GET IT. If people listened to everything the bible said, fathers would be selling daughters on E-Bay.

There shouldn't be any boundaries when people are in love, and neither race nor sexual preference should matter.
2/1/2005 c1 57Tutube
just because ur not allowed to marry someone due to sexual orientation doesn't mean you're not allowed to love 'em. besides, i don't get what's with people and "seperation of church and state". . . if it weren't for religion, there would be no law. i mean, think about it, most religions hold life to be sacred hence making killing illigal. anyways, i think i'm starting to get a bit off topic here, i dissagree with same-sex marriages, but i still think you expressed your oppinion well in your poem. i just don't see it the same way.
3/23/2004 c1 3happybutt
very nice, it's... great actually, especially the last few lines.
2/27/2004 c1 3DreamerChick
Fully agree. Good poem-simple and to the point but beautiful.
2/22/2004 c1 60Last Straw
Diversity makes our culture grand
- amen
2/22/2004 c1 Story-Teller's Aide
i really liked it. I totally agree.
2/21/2004 c1 60Magpie Poet
nice, sweet, and to the point.
2/20/2004 c1 69til-iburnout aka Amanda Helton
the meaning of the poem is so beautiful and i agree with you.
2/19/2004 c1 Shuichi-kun
That was beautiful. *wipes teary eyes* I wholeheartedly agree with you!
2/19/2004 c1 12Pussinboots
finaly, some one who agrees with me. i havce a friend, his name is, nevermind the name, but people tease him because they think hes gay. it just shows that those people are so insecure and not sure of them self that they half to treat some oneeles badly and think that the other one is worse then they are. it drives me crazy. but he seams to handle it well. i just wish i knew why they contuniue teasing people. oh well, i guess i will never know.

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