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for Tora no Hikari: Kuroraka

6/4/2004 c6 237battousai24
pls update this soon. it's a really nice story. it would be good if you made it into a real manga. ^^x
6/4/2004 c5 battousai24
*sigh* kawaii neko. ^^x
6/4/2004 c4 battousai24
it was actually good. not too hentai, and with some fluff too. lol. anyway...it's a nice story.
6/4/2004 c3 battousai24
aww..that's cute. ^^x kawaii neko
6/4/2004 c2 battousai24
nice story...
6/3/2004 c1 battousai24
cool. nice.
6/2/2004 c6 Alynxkia
Hehehehehehe. You think Bob is done. Did I not tell you he had his trusty thesaurus and electronic dictionary? He'll be back and yes he is a hunk. Annoying but a hunk non the less. Almost seven foot, short kind of wild black hair, and Tyernon's eyes. (Drowning Blue) Sigh. Yes that's why I keep him around. Plus he does some of the dirty work. Spelling corrections. Uhg. I can't spell worth beans. Now Caley...hm. Go Shigatsu! Rock the house. Salin's cool but completely picture orrianted. Now to the chapter. Love the powers and you stole my snap! Thats okay. I don't mind sharing with one of my favorite reviewers. Plus in reality, (a place I don't visit if I can help it), it is an old and tried method of displaying magic. A secret cave was a nice touch. Wonder what's up with the coyote. Darian: Did you think I was an old man? Dang you are dense. Alynx: BOB! I told you insults were off limits today after what you called me. Back, back, into the black hole from which you came. (Smiles) Read you soon.
6/2/2004 c6 12Kaida
Yay! You updated. I am very happy, but it was so short...*pouts* But, I guess I'm used to reading very long chapters. I shall wait patiently for the next installment...please hurry.
I shall continue to review.
6/1/2004 c1 4ToEatTheseApplesFromYourEyes
hehe! I love kitties! When I got Weezy last summer, he would cuddle up with me and sleep (after he stopped scratching and biting me, that is) and he's lick my closed eye lids with his little rough tongue which hurt, but it was so adorable. But this is pretty cool!
5/26/2004 c5 Alynxkia
Snap. SNAP. I love that skill don't you. Nice way to start Tiger's life but there is still the mater of how he transforms to begin with. Looking forward to the explaination. I liked this chapter. They are being sweet to eachother. Giving the relationship some support beams. Hope to read you soon. No more studing monkeys. Ah. I still have nightmeres. Oh well. Bye. Oh yah. Bob said hi. Thats it. He wasn't rude or anything. I think he's sick. Or...Bob? Whats that you have in your hands Bob? Darian?
"My trusty thesaurus."
Oh god help me.
"And electronic translater"
Good luck with Bob Shigatsu87.
5/24/2004 c2 12Kaida
O MY GOD! As my World Civ. teacher would say! I love it! *giddy* That would be so nice if all the stuffed animals I had turned into a really hot guy...*sighs* I love you so much for writing this!
5/23/2004 c5 4shinya13
When i see you in class i better see you writing! ^-^ plus! when you write you sometimes write tigger and others you write tiger...O.o it confuses me at times. but then again what doesn't? *thinks outloud* oh! anyways! i'm on usually around 8-ish to 9:50-ish so yeah...okay! bye! ^-^
5/22/2004 c4 nguyenthithuhuyen
this story is good. your first story with lemon, not bad. i thought it was well wrote. continue. i LLOVED it.
5/21/2004 c4 shinya13
DUDE! i had satan read your story and he thought you were 17! and he said that it was good but he's not into that whole animal-human thing...*sticks tongue out at him* oh well but he also said that you need to put some of it in paragraph form. but there you go for now. i might be on laters! DUDE! HE THOUGHT YOU WERE 17!
^-^ e!
*Jade* / Sarah
5/18/2004 c4 Alynxkia
Why yes. Interesting things do happen with cats on motoercycles. Bravo. First Lemon. Hm...do I want to say pretty good or damn good? How about pretty damn good? Sounds about right to me. We shall be testing my skill on lemons soon enough in PWOD. It will be a first. Bob left you a message in the opening of the new chapter. As before, this story can go places. I love the shopping bit and the fact that Tiger seems innocent and not all at once. Heck, I love cats so you really can't go wrong in my book. Read you soon.
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