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for Pieces of a Broken Heart

4/28/2004 c1 8A-wolf-called-Skya
Hi!Good poem, very ful of emotion. . . i really liked it! i'm sorry your mother died though :,( i hope you feel better.
i would love it if you could check out one of my poems, but i would be honored if you checked out one that doesn't have any reviews( only a pitiful 1) called "My Blood is Poured". i feel it is my best poem i've done so far, and i thought it sounded thoughtful. i would like some feedback on it, too!
thanx, i loved your poem!
*Every legend leaves a mark*
2/23/2004 c1 13Lil Lalita
A mom is always a hard thing to lose... Even though mine's not dead, I haven't seen her for three years, so I can sort of empathize. Great descriptions, though. I like the word choice. Nice write.
~Lil Lalita
2/21/2004 c1 21the cute lil dead girl
this is really short, but its like theres alot of feelings in it.. u know.. and yah..
its really sad..
i definetly like it

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