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7/29/2004 c4 5umbrius
JOE: Interresting.
KYR: Agreed, excellent chapter, (*COUGH* Aside from the spelling errors *COUGH*)
JOE: Smacking her will do no good. By the way, you havn't reviewed us at ALL lately...WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU...and don't tell us "camp".
KYR: Indubitably, you've updated, so you have no excuse.
6/29/2004 c3 umbrius
JOE: Finally managed to read this.
KYR: Ting, you wrote ting instead of thing. Third word of the third line of the sixth-to-last paragraph.
JOE: Just waiting for you to review my latest update.
KYR: Why have you not e-mailed us?
JOE: We tried to e-mail you, but you never replied, I think you never got it-
KYR: I think he is just ignoring us.
BOTH: Any way, great chapter.
KYR: Kitty, kitty, kitty. Got bitten by a wolf. Now it is a were-kitty, -kitty, -kitty. Now we get some yi-
JOE: (Slaps Kyr) Don't put the F's on that word.
KYR: (Grumbles) Sorry.
6/5/2004 c3 22Chris the Wolf Boy
Aw, he's got a kitty friend ^^ I liked this chapter, he's crossed into the new world! Hehe...Hero's journey in english class last year. Anyway, Great work, keep it up.
5/14/2004 c2 5umbrius
Joe: The typical plight of the werewolf, eh?
Kyr: Werewolves are cool. . .
Joe: (in a dreamy voice) I wish I could be a werewolf.
Kyr: Okay, werewolves are no longer cool because Joey likes them.
Joe: (Didn't hear Kyr). . .werewolf. . .
4/22/2004 c2 22Chris the Wolf Boy
I like this story, feel bad for the werewolf, poor wolfy! Can't wait for the next chapter! Thanks for reviewing both my stories ^^
3/23/2004 c1 5umbrius
KYR: All right, time to burn you, Joey's asleep and I see typos:sliversilver; blankedblanket; barleybarely: and HA HA, wit da priet gohne, hey gohnna dah, hehehehe...
3/2/2004 c1 89lalamushu
this is very good writing. however, : "...he were trying to reassure me that I would be ok." as soon as you said the word "ok", that kind of took away the theme of it being in the old days. and a few words are misspelled, unless i'm reading wrong. "wound", and a fragment of a sentence: "He looked let with mild amusement..."
either "let" means something that i don't know about, because you are the writer. but i will come back to read more of your story. it's very good. ^_^
2/23/2004 c1 1Mitsozuka Ayarashi
Needs an ending, or a better one. Nothing personal, but you were right, if you had finished, you might have gotten first. Cheers, man.
2/22/2004 c1 4Nestalgica
Wow, no wonder you got third in state; that was really wonderful.
You might want to proofread your story though, there were a couple of typos. Let me point some of them out for you.
1. Streach-Stretch
2. ti riyse - to rise
3. Mone - Moon
4. chothse - clothes
5. Tailbond - Tailbone
6. merley - Merely
7. leasurley - leisurely
8. howel - howl
9. sas - has
10. coem - come
I'll only put ten in, i'm not trying to flame you, or make you feel bad, just giving you constructive criticism.
What state do you live in, and what competition was that?

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