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8/4/2009 c4 2Daemonicean
What is the date of this story, and has the UK been taken, or is it just France that's being attacked.
4/3/2007 c11 9Dash Trudeau
I wouldn't have let him leave. I'd be all 'Give me your keys', went to his house, if the keys ddin't work, I'd have came back, shot him, and kept on walking where I go.
4/3/2007 c9 Dash Trudeau
That is one hell of a stunt.
4/3/2007 c4 Dash Trudeau
Woah, kinda brutal, don't you think? Only one other platoon followed them? Shouldn't they have said "We've broken through at co-ordinates #", and have reinforcements come in?"

Sorry, your story...
1/16/2005 c3 6ZaphodChick
interesting, i'll finish it when i have time. The whole introducing the characters bothers me just a bit, but to every writer his creative freedom to do what he wants. Good story
8/2/2004 c11 7C Shot
No more chapters? I'm sadden... oh well. update soon.

8/2/2004 c7 C Shot
"A crack resounded throughout the woods as a sapling was hit and splintered. One of the shards of wood pierced Private Connors in the chest, finishing what the landmine had started a day earlier on the beach."

By far my favorite paragraph so far. Because it makes people remember that everyything is a potential kill object. Fun, fun.

As for me? I'd be honored to be a character in your story, that is if it isn't finished or you dont plan on writing more onto it. After all, you havent updated it in almost two months.

8/2/2004 c6 C Shot
Le français obtenant leur battement d'âne ? Perfectionner, mais pourquoi la Section Américaine s'il recule ?

8/1/2004 c4 C Shot
Well I am adding this story to my favorites and gonna finish up chapter 3 of Bleeding America.. I have a very strange concept for it.

But this isnt an email so I will get to the reviewing.

At times this seems a little to rushed.. however, I know that you probably already have countered that problem since the more people right the better they get.

8/1/2004 c3 C Shot
I love it, love it.. nothing like America kicking Europe's ass to make my day.

7/30/2004 c4 Red Marine
Sorry I did'nt review earlier, but when I started I didn't get a chance. I find this a very intresting story idea, america as an empire, that's something. You tell a good story with a great cast, I can't wait to read more. No complaints here, keep writing!
- The red one
6/9/2004 c11 Mbwun
Interesting turn of events indeed. Nice moral ambiguity you added into the mix, with the baby and all.

~He Who Walks On All Fours

PS - Ever see "Reno 911" on Comedy Central?
6/7/2004 c11 12Moonlite Star
Great story you've got going. I like the unique personalities each of your characters hold. Keep writing and update soon. :)
6/5/2004 c10 Mbwun
James Oswaldo Garcia.

Pretty good chapter, even if it is short. Nice that you decided to continue it; it's a good story.

~He Who Walks On All Fours
5/27/2004 c9 ADEEEE
When are you going to update this? Anyway, nice chapter.
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