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2/20/2010 c1 2RuhFuh
I thought this was innocent but at the same time not so. As in, 'the egg', was supposed to be an innocent character, but knew what was going on anyway, but chose to look on the slightly more optimistic side of it at the end of the day. Great job, and I am amazed at the originality of it! Loved it through and through! Keep writing!

11/30/2009 c1 7Soggy Ringlets
Ohmygoodness. Of all the poems/stories/anythings I've ever read, off or on this site, this is my favorite. It's emotional, and its about an inanimate object! Win! I wish my showers were as inspiring as yours.

"In your eyes I appear runny and undone

You cannot see


I boil and start to golden"

Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.
8/11/2009 c1 1WrittenFromTruth
This was cute, I like how you tyed in the beginning to the end "But at least you remembered to keep things

Sunny side up" very optimistic too, usualy I prefer the deeper brooding side of writing, but I loved this. It's refreshing xXD
7/21/2005 c1 30strawberryaid
Melancholy. The egg seems to have an odd optimistic view. Well done with the personification! I think it would've been better though to not tell us right away that it was an egg, even though it should be obvious to the reader. Becuz in the text, you don't mention yourself as being an egg. Better left unsaid. But then again, the summary intrigued me, so I read becuz of such an odd-ball summary! So maybe I just proved myself wrong?

haha... I analyze too much sometimes... just like Melaney. ^_^
2/9/2005 c1 1Makai Tenshi
O_o that was an awesome poem...for something from an *egg's* POV. Very original... it was both cute and sad, and... i don't know. :) weird? But the poem itself was good.
1/18/2005 c1 swtazndestiney
I don't know if I want to fry an egg ever again now that I know how an egg feels like when they being cooked. BTW great writing!
12/23/2004 c1 30amphiboly
i love this too. ((:
10/3/2004 c1 UnScreened
7/16/2004 c1 2W3DNESDAY
poignant, poignant
*applauds as she wipes a tear from her eye
ahh, the sad, sad life of an egg...
i've never seen it from this POV before.. i now see myself as the cruel egg-abuser that i am *hides in shame
sunny side up.. mm yummy
i never knew how much i could sympathize with an egg.. you should name it and then it can be my alter-ego
it totally understands the human condition!
ok ok.. i think i'll name it myself
er... um.. Jean-Fabio.. there!
my male, egg alter ego!
i'm HORRIBLE at cooking eggs.. think of all the pain and torture i've caused all those eggs..
is this review long and incoherent enough for you?
i actually should be cramming 300 vocab words into my head for a big test tomorrow.. but then i'm on ficpress reviewing your story 30 minutes past midnight.. that's just great..
the despair wrought by my procrastination is similar to the stinging pain of pepper.. isn't that right Jean-Fabio?
yes. yes it is.
3/29/2004 c1 3Tiran
couldnt help but to smile ^_^ so short, and ... plain innocently cute.
I like your many works... actually i read em' all, except laziness get s to best of me when some times to review ^_^
oh well
Keep up the great work ^_^
3/16/2004 c1 8KathrynRose
I like it. Sad... intriguing. Hm... I just like it. I like eggs... *KAT*
3/12/2004 c1 5Knightengale
I'll never take my eggs sunny side up again. LOL, I'm just kidding. This was great; I love stuff that's written from the POV of inanimate objects, or creatures that aren't typically given a voice. It's kind of funny that this came to you in a shower. Things always randomly come to me like that, too. Like once, I figured out how to do this ridiculously hard math project while in the bathroom. But that's probably too much information, so I'll end this review now. =P
3/8/2004 c1 4False Advertisement
good! its a little sad. but it's good.
2/26/2004 c1 2Typesour
I know I'm pretty darn emotional (I can't watch the news without bawling) but still this poem was sad about the poor wittle egg! I adored it. I've never read anything from an egg's point of view and I simply loved it. I mean, you could write a whole story about that sweet little egg that the damn dog ate! Anywho, I'm not missing the message though about keeping things sunny side up - it was very cute and I totally agree! But, i also love that little egg! Anyways, great, poem! Hope to read another creative one from you soon!
2/25/2004 c1 27ClassicTrick
hehe...what do u usually think in the shower...hehe do i want know...anyway nice poem

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