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for The Prophecy of Sacrifice

7/19/2004 c6 Lauren334
Hehe Yeah I'm so proud of you for updating! hehe! I just need to follow in your footsteps now =P I really liked this chapter. I was glad we got to find out about Kyleigh and Xander's pasts. It was so long too! Well I can't wait for you to update again! Hopefully you are in the writing mood again, and I can't wait to see ya (tomorrow! woo hoo) Anyways Great job! I loved it!
7/17/2004 c6 J.T. Baever
wah! *boggles* this is good stuff! yay! i finally found some stuff to read...since all the other good authors are NOT updating that includes *coughlauren334cough*. such a cute story, man-uh...girl! hehehe...your characters are very likeable (sp? gah! i can't spell today) and the story itself flows well. kudos to you!
P.S. welcome to my Fave Authors list! ^_^
4/22/2004 c5 1emilyclaire
Diese Kapitel is sehr gut. Die fraulin und der herr sind sehr gut und suB. (Don't know "cute, always have to say "sweet.") Ich moechtest mehr lesen! Vielen Danken! heehee, anyway, enough of that, I enjoyed the chapter, nice dialogue! Auf Wiedersehn! Lieben,
4/17/2004 c5 Lauren334
Yeah! I loved it yet again. This was a long chappie too! I enjoyed them getting to know each other and "falling in love" hehehe. Can't wait to see what happens next.,...Great job! Update soon. I command you! hehehe
4/17/2004 c5 6Black and Silver Dreamer
No! Not a cliffie! *cries* Okay, I'm over it now ^_^ I really like this story, it amuses me. Kyleigh reminds me of me, so very easily amused. Yay, I can make cookies, woot! You better update this soon, I have to know what happens!
4/5/2004 c4 1emilyclaire
Haha, sehr gut! (Love the German!) This sounds rather like Rayearth, which you might be familar with? An interesting story. The only thing I would say is that often your thoughts and speech read too stright forward-trying putting some variety and not so much "man" "oh no" sorta stuff...looking forward to more. (Lauren334 is a good friends of mine as well.)
3/10/2004 c1 4Sollara
It sounds realy interesting and I would love to read it when your done.
2/26/2004 c4 Lauren334
Aw the end was so sweet, the part where she said she silently took him off her list =D so cute. This was a really good chapter! I can't wait till you finish chappie 3! I know it will be great =) I don't know what else to say except it was a great, entertaining, wonderful chappie! hehe you should be proud =P Well update soon! Very soon! ttyl...your Bmf Merry!
2/26/2004 c3 Lauren334
Oh yepyep I remember this chapter and that cliffie! Really really good. Writing reviews over is hard =P hehe okay i'm going to leave a good one for ch2!
2/26/2004 c2 Lauren334
Woah did you like reupload the story or something? All my reviews are gone...Oh well guess I have to write more =P Yepyep I loved the prolouge so much! And Blade is so cool. I said that in the last one, but yeah he still is even though he is the 'bad guy.' But hey people change! hehehe. Okay I'm gonna review the other chapters, and I think i still have to read ch2. hehe ok lylas!
2/25/2004 c4 6Black and Silver Dreamer
Yayness! This is really interesting, even if the paragraph spacing makes it kinda hard to figure out who's talking when. But I adore Xander, what a sweetie! *giggles*
2/25/2004 c2 Black and Silver Dreamer
*eyes go wide* What's going to happen! Please, you have to write more, I have to know! They were such a cute couple too... poor Torin...

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