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for Snow White

3/2/2004 c2 Text-Addict for the life of me I forgot what my login name is
One good review deserves another. ;-)
Before I forget, here¡¦s some more of my old stories: http:/w.fandomination.net/?mode=bio&AuthorID=2138 The sucky thing about that site is goddamn nobody comes to review your shit.
¡§he sleeps in the eternal embrace of his sweet mistress the night¡¨
-„³ cool prose.
¡§"Hey little sister, you cold down there?"
„³ For a second there, I thought you were gonna sing Billy Idol. Damn, now I have that song in my head! *sing* Hey little sister, what have you done¡Kda da da¡K
¡§His bloodied hands carry over a bit onto her face¡¨
-Blood? How long has she been dead?
Good so far.
2/27/2004 c2 37Peachez 24
Hm... little girls, one craked out critter, imps, and ghosts. There's a bit of a mix. keep writing and update soon!
Peachez ^_~
2/27/2004 c1 Peachez 24
A very intriguing, but slightly disturbing beginning. Than again many great books have started off in a strange place. It seemed a little rushed, not so much as moving too fast but as if you didn't have enough time to write what you wanted. Anyway, keep writing and update soon!
Peachez ^_~
2/27/2004 c1 dude
dude i have 5 words 4 u: u do need a life! srry but that waz the worst piece of crap i ever read! NEVER make the name snow white sound that crapy again plz i waz embrassed that i even read that piece of crap! ne way l8er dayz and plz one more thing NEVER WRITE ANOTHER STORY AGAIN it will save us all alot of time! hppy dayz

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