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for Imminent Death

3/29/2005 c9 Hawk
*laughs* Different settings for the Evil Hose of Doom. ^^ Cute.
12/6/2004 c10 28Brooke Monroe
teehee. fun stuffi laughed and laughedBrooke Monroe
10/20/2004 c10 16Lost In These Dark Thoughts
Throwing me in the mosh pit, you jerk!
10/20/2004 c1 Lost In These Dark Thoughts
Stupid Richard! Those are not funny! (Sorry, I lied)
10/20/2004 c9 Trap Tripper
This was great, keep it up,
Squirells are always funny:)
8/18/2004 c9 46Sworn Destiny
LMAO! It all seems frighteningly random and pointless, yet it's GENIUS! Very hilarious. Update soon!
8/3/2004 c9 homey
hiliourious! i can barely type this because i am now on the floor laughing.
8/2/2004 c9 4The Blood Ringed Moon
OMFG Richard. . .
8/2/2004 c9 And All That Could Have Been
WO0T! This is my favorite part yet. . . Muwahahahahahahaha, I have an evil hose of doom.
7/22/2004 c8 The Blood Ringed Moon
- pokes richard real hard in the stomach- I found you I am now stalking you! MUHAHAHAHa1 I love all of these I have to go through yours and Nessa's stories, to review them all so expect them from me!
6/26/2004 c8 5Tnayoub
This is the strangest thing I've ever read. It made almost no sense yet I was hooked. I don't know how you did it...
6/20/2004 c8 16kaika switched
Nice. I don't really know what to say because you read and you're like "...All right." but I kept reading so that must be saying something. Keep writing!
6/4/2004 c1 54Tom Madden
funny! you know, i never did like those furbys
6/4/2004 c8 7Rosalie Scarborough
Very funny! I think this story makes almost no sense, which is one of the reasons the horror in it is so funny! You put so much into your characters! Probably my favorite so far!
6/1/2004 c8 2The Alien from Uranus
After reading this, I have but one word to say: Huh? 0_o
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