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5/28/2004 c8 22slave to the voices
You have a very odd mind (not that theres anything wrong with that). I can't believe I read all 8 chapters (I'll never get those 15 minutes back). Anyway, this is a very weird, odd, strange piece; great job, keep writing.
5/26/2004 c8 1Genius-Ben
That was hilariously stupid and I loved it. Bravo.
Although you may want to try writing in a slightly more readable fashion.
5/26/2004 c1 3Tala and Stephy
XDD! So funny! My furby died. That was a long time ago. It went "Doo doo doo dedoo, dedoo doo deh...bzt." And died. :'( *Tear* ;~; XD I love humor...*sigh*
5/23/2004 c8 Innocent-Spryte-Bystander
LMAO! Those were so funny! I especially liked the Furby one. Heh, I used to have a Furby. I left it in the closet for like days on end and one night while I was almost asleep I hear this, "Its dark in here! A-ah, a-ah!" I was so freaked out till I figured out that it was my stupid Furby in the closet. *rollz eyes* I sold it in a garage sale for like $1 after that. I hate Furbies. *KILLS ALL STUDPID FURBIES IN THE WHOLE WORLD!* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Anyhoo, good job, very funny. Keep it up!
5/21/2004 c8 23Homey
This is absolutly hilarious! This stuff is defenitly more down my road! I loved it! Thanx, I really needed that today.
5/13/2004 c2 OldJoe
this is funny... but please stop advertising for Dream and Write on like, every review you put out there. As much as I enjoy the site, fictionpress reviews are not the place to advertise for it. In fact, I'm writing this in a review to annoy you. I can just go on forevwer. Ill make up a poem right now. 'stop making dream and write reviews, or i will beat you with both my shoes, and show it on the local news'. There. Now STOP!
5/11/2004 c1 15Triste-et-seul
You are hilarious. I was having a bad day and since reading Imminent Death I am a lot better...
5/11/2004 c1 59wilderness
just too funny! loving it!
5/10/2004 c1 1Lauren K
ohh hahahhahaha minor malfunction. Short, funny, I really like it! (adding to favorites)
5/8/2004 c8 Pitch Black Eternity
Such a mix of twisted humor and hilarity. I Love it.
5/8/2004 c8 18harmonybunny
lol, I loved all of these chapters, but this was my favourite because of the
"One shall count to 3 and the race shall begin. Not to 4 which comes after 3, nor 2 which comes before...5 is another number one shall not count to-" line...That's..a Monty Python quote, I think *loves it*
5/4/2004 c6 78LovesLostCat
he he
5/4/2004 c4 LovesLostCat
lol once again
5/4/2004 c2 LovesLostCat
this actually made me laugh out loud, well done.
5/3/2004 c8 368EWindheim
haha. Monty python.
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