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for Imminent Death

4/30/2004 c3 9faerie-gumdrops
Lol this is great - I love it!
4/30/2004 c1 faerie-gumdrops
Argh reminds me of one of those mixed up childhood nightmares lol. Is brilliant all the same though and very original.
4/28/2004 c1 6Rinderwahn
This brings back a childhood memory:
Once I was laying in bed in the pitch black darkness, hoping not to be eaten by the monsters under my bed. I turned over and there sat my Furby, motionless upon my shelf and his unseeing manufactured plastic eyes stared straight through me. Then all of a sudden it screamed:
And I was never quite the same again...
Oh, and thank you for reviewing to my story.
4/27/2004 c1 3atrava -poison
how can a furby hold a gun? it has no hands.
but this if friggin funny i shall read on ^_^
4/26/2004 c7 86djsaxon2
Okay, i take it back. You didn't peak early, now i see that was just a warmup... this is the BEST so far, and then the furbies... lol... furbies.
ps... Plz r/r my stuff...
4/26/2004 c5 19Nyte Shade
i was dying laughing! i loved the murderous furby's
4/26/2004 c7 And All That Could Have Been
I like squirrels. X.x.
Oh. . . so this was an evil squirel from the planet of Nuts?
::runs around with a pitchfork::
4/26/2004 c7 5gaile
nice. I particularly liked the soul-stealing and Furby incidents.
4/26/2004 c6 22an-cat-gaelige
Hahahaha! Exactly what I needed to read before being STULTIFYED in French class... :-D
4/25/2004 c4 86djsaxon2
LOL! i think you peaked early... the furby story was the best by far, although The puppy stor was not without merit. It WAS without morals though, lol. Still, keep it up, and i look foward to more of your stuff!
pS. PlZ R/R My StUfF
4/25/2004 c3 And All That Could Have Been
I'm evil . . . muwahahahahahahahahah!
4/25/2004 c6 And All That Could Have Been
I WANT TO BE AN ESKIMO! ::shakes her hand at the sun::
4/22/2004 c5 sweetmintmojo
really random and crazy, but really funny
4/21/2004 c5 5Kasumi-Hasuri
This was very amusing. Really made me laugh XD
4/21/2004 c5 10FireChainsaw
Question #1: What the hell is wrong with you?
#2: Are you aware that you ripped off MJ of the MJ morning Show's famous "Demonic Furbey" call in chapter 1?
Funny stuff, especially given your age. I couldn't write for ass when I was 15; love your work. Though if you know you ripped off a radio show for your evil furby chapter, that's plagerism, and I condemn you to hell.
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