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for Imminent Death

4/21/2004 c5 460Time To Change
oddly amusing in a weird way. Wasnt what i expected but it was cool. thanks for reviewing chapter 1 of Nobody
4/20/2004 c1 With Rhyme and Reason
This is great. FUNNY. I really like how you write your stories in a play format; it's very admirable. Your humor kind of reminds me of Vonnegut (have you read any of his books), where it's funny, but I feel bad for laughing. Is that messed up? Probably. Oh well...we all love black humor, don't we? Nice short story; it kept my interest.
2/29/2004 c5 12Double-Sins
I don't see anything that funny...its actually disturbing, but hey what the heck. Jennessa sounds like a really evil person.
2/29/2004 c5 19Cardinal Chuck
It was funny. At least the last part of ch. 5 was. I was a little confused...how did alex continue to talk if his jaw was gone?
2/29/2004 c4 The Dark Moon
That is so freaking funny.. I was laughing so hard.
You must write one about me and killing Jon okay?
Either that or make me kill someone esle.
so anyways that was funny.. and Anyways
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