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8/9/2004 c1 24LovesTeardrop
Wow that was good and so sad. I've just written a poem about a girl who was abused when girl by her Dad. I'm not sure where the idea came from but it happens too often and nobody wants to know. It's called Obviously Hidden. I'd love it if you could reveiw it sometime.
Great poem.
7/3/2004 c1 Lady-in-the-Dark
Really sad and full of emotion. Simply awesome, thats all I can say
3/6/2004 c1 5Chelsea Plum
Interesting! Very interesting...
Is there something you're trying to tell me? Huh? HUh? HUH?
Anyway it was interesting like I said...who's it about?
3/5/2004 c1 36Kittle
Great poem. I am adding it to my favorites.
3/5/2004 c1 Tears heal nothing
That was very good. I can relate so much. I never told anyone in my family that I got hit during school by the kids, and then my psychologist told them, and they were like "hmm... I should have noticed it. oh well." *shrug* Nice poem. I really like it.
3/4/2004 c1 20Xi
Funny thing... I'm listening to this song called do you hear me, and when i read the last line, the song asked that same question. I must say, freaky stuf.
nice poem. ^_*
2/29/2004 c1 3AyamariAnn
that was great wonderfully written
2/29/2004 c1 87EchoesOfReason
Whoa, damn Sam! *hehe that rhymes* *Ahem* Anyhoo, and you were saying my names were a little out there! This was great, I LOVE IT! LOVE IT! *need I say more?* OOh, so well described. And the best part is it isn't even through the abusee's eyes, it's through a friend's eyes, which has so much more pain because they want to help but don't quite know what to do or say and the person won't let them help! You know what I mean? Yeah, well take care, good luck, and GREAT JOB! good luck especially w/ the next one! Lylas!
Love always,

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