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8/22/2006 c1 24innominate noun
Ha - I read your parody essay on writing and reviewing, and now I'm so paranoid that I'll write some sort of inane review. (I really liked that, by the way. It made me laugh very hard.)Anyway, I just wanted to compliment you on this poem. Frankly, I didn't gather much actual information from this, if that's the right phrase, but it was really because I was just paying attention to how good the words sounded. I like the paragraphs in italics at the top and bottom the best. Those are just beautiful.The only complaint I have is that the fifth line in the second stanza (ends with 'amiss') has a bit of an awkward feel. But that's all! I have nothing more to say, so goodbye.From,Bookerpiller
1/31/2005 c1 35Vestigial Account
That is what we all ask, is it not? Very beautiful.
4/23/2004 c1 2William Winters
VERY good! Has a real, paying publisher noticed you yet?
3/3/2004 c1 50Kataerias
Very, very powerful. Exilarating. Gentle and calm as it heightens and grows out and then stumps and shrinks back inwards again. The crescendos and decrescendos in this piece are amazing. It begins in the exact right way, and ends just as perfectly. The climax of this piece is puzzling in its hugeness and yet still calming as you read on. I love it.
You've done such an awesome job. The variation of words and the expanded vocabulary makes the piece and its content even more meaningful, more colorful.
Symbolization in this piece is also very very well done. I am proud at the heightened patience in which you perceive the characters to have as their companionable silence grows, with only the one question characterizing them and who they are and how they think. Indepth and personal.
Beautiful work.
Keep it up.
Krystal (SN: Kataerias
3/3/2004 c1 8Leah West
That was pretty good. Very good descrpitions, but you had typos that you ought to be more careful of. Great job, I really could see the two people on the beach.

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