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11/2/2012 c4 Guest
6/24/2009 c4 3CreativeChick233
do you plan on reviewing anyitime soon?


update soon!
8/5/2005 c4 1Erin Maureen
aw really short chappie damn. but i still liked it! i can't wait fr your next chapter!
7/28/2005 c4 tora rose
yay! another chapter!
6/28/2005 c4 1Jynx Rose
OMG This story is really intriging (i know i spelled that wrong but o well). I love Saria's character. She sounds so cool and mysterious. And she's really talented too. I can't wait to learn more about her. Update soon. PLZ!
6/28/2005 c4 9sweet-angel101
Wow, awesome update and i was waiting for you to. Well when i saw the email this morning about the update, i went straight away and read it. I say, AWESOME JOB!

Please update asap!
6/27/2005 c4 29babypig
you are very talented at writing! i cant wait till you update!
6/25/2005 c4 StarryEyedAmie
I really enjoyed this. I can relate to the characters so well and it's just so realistic and descriptive.
6/25/2005 c4 22demonchild666
hey great story. saria's a great character. keep writing!
4/29/2004 c3 Bloody Love
That was really good. Its so cute. I really liked it. I hope you get the next chapter out soon. I really want to know what is going to happen.
3/17/2004 c3 32Stormy Daye
"I can't stop thinking about you, I don't know why it my be your looks, intelligence or out of pity"
Now what girl could resist THAT line. I like you out of pity. Oh GREAT, thanks!
But anyway, I'm enjoying this story, update soon
3/17/2004 c2 Stormy Daye
I'm a little unsure if James really likes Saria or if he just likes a challenge.
3/17/2004 c3 Kisa Sohma
great chapter. can't wait for more. till next time!
3/13/2004 c3 chiney
excellent, really. plz write 2 me when u next update at
3/7/2004 c3 9sweet-angel101
Turning out great! Hope to see more!
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