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3/29/2004 c1 5aiur
argh can i ever relate! and sometimes i wish i wasn't so good at wearing this fake smile. sometimes i wish i hadn't worn it for so long that people don't even try to see through it anymore. but then i just keep it on, because i don't know any other way ... and i just wait for the one who will see through it. i know they're out there. and if i never find them, then i'll just be masked. at least i won't have to deal with people trying to see through me ... though that's not good, is it? or ... i'm confused now lol. =) very nice poem, though. touching and it's cool 'cause it could work as a short story, albiet too short of one hehe
3/5/2004 c1 13through these jaded eyes
i can't say i dont know how you feel. because trully i do. i hide myself and still to today no one knows me. thank you for putting your feelings onto paper and sharing it with the rest of the world.
3/5/2004 c1 6SilentBlueRose
Good poem. I know how it is. How a smile is a mask. How no one actually knows WHO you are. How you feel. I live that every day.
Good job.
3/3/2004 c1 105Chaloux
I like it in a weird way. I'm not sure...It's good in a simple story-telling way.
3/3/2004 c1 82Death-By-Papercut
this is a great poem...i can really feel the lonelyness in it. Check out some of my writing...maybe you'll like it. Keep up the writing. Peace.

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