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12/27/2004 c1 121Wishdreamer89
wow, this one is interesting. i can visualize the witch right now. great ,keep it up!
7/15/2004 c1 9sheza
Beautiful work!
7/6/2004 c1 84hidden.contradiction
wow. i really like this poem. i found it oddly intriguing yet suspenceful. keep on writing, you're very talented.
7/5/2004 c1 9Rubbertusks
Squee! I found you!
Luffly poem, absolutely horrifying :D
6/11/2004 c1 8Ending Is Better Than Mending
Great opening and closing lines. They're jarring, yet say so much.
3/8/2004 c1 30g21lto
Very haunting. I like your use of rhyme and rhythm, especially in the second stanza. And the way the noose "whispers" and "caresses". This is awesome.
3/8/2004 c1 Wintertear
I like this...particularly since I'm pagan, but anyways, the first stanza I found a bit confusing, I couldn't really tell if it was the witch that was the one with the rough hands or the person that was killing the witch...by the end of the poem I came to an understanding but some clarification might be needed in that stanza.
One last thing is that there are two lines in this poem that rhyme "the sky, you sigh, today is a good day to die" this is a bit odd...I would find some alternatives to having two lines out of the entire poem that rhyme.
Good descriptive words, you expanded a small moment in time into a very nice poem. :) Keep it up.

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