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5/7/2007 c7 9EmeraldEyes89
Ok...so I'm sitting here watching Sel dancing with her half of Shadow...and thinking about this story... -gives the puppy dog eyes for an update- Ok...so I know the ending...but still...I miss your writings! -happy reviewer demands updates- Ok, Im not demanding it, but something would be nice Angel...I miss them. But yeah...I loved it! You always had a talent with writing that I could Never top (although you always tell me that my shit blows yours out of the water, I beg to differ) But yeah...I'm out for now. I'm gonna go coo at the two of them dancing together. Its cute ^-^
4/12/2004 c7 7Irish Rhapsody
What, don't trust me? ^_~ Jello shots are de-freakin-licious!
"Ao mad whack?" Are you serious? ^^;; These girls are white, aren't they? I loved the chapter by the way. Onyx is great. ^_^
4/1/2004 c6 Irish Rhapsody
I must pump you for information. That was great! But I wonder... is it some kind of flashback? Or an out of body thing? Or...
Hey, you're on! ^_^
Anyway, is it some telepathic memory from her mom or something? Hm...
4/1/2004 c5 Irish Rhapsody
Aww, I liked the flower conversation. That was beautiful. Adrian is so sweet! ^_^
3/29/2004 c4 Irish Rhapsody
Aww, I like it. ^_^ Lovely description.
But... will Sienna make it in time to save Shadow? *Gasps dramatically and faints* *Authoress sighs and chunks her body off the stage* ^_^
3/13/2004 c3 Irish Rhapsody
*Singsong voice* Shadow can't hold her alcohol... ^_~
And if you ever come back from your damn idle state, I'll find out about Sienna.
3/13/2004 c2 Irish Rhapsody
*Mumbles contentedly through her lolly* ^_^
I thought the second part of this chapter was hilarious! Fun fun. ^^ Though, if you said this was based on true events, and now you made it up off the top of your head... I'm lost... but anyway, I'm sure it's the latter. ^_^ I can't wait to read about who this Sienna person is.
3/9/2004 c1 Irish Rhapsody
OO, that's awesome! So totally fucking awesome! Plot twist! This is gonna be so great. So angsty too. ;;_;;
(Pardon the language up there ^^;)

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