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11/28/2004 c1 Cici Dash
Well SOMEONE has a thing for Malice Mizer
8/5/2004 c5 Vladimir
Yeah, the Seven Saints really are reminiscent of the Jupongatana, if only in concept. 'Cept they were all female. Anyways, good work, man, as always. keep it up, and remember what I said about takin it easy. Nice and slow, gives more time for character development (and helps explain things in the action. plus, if you develop the characters, you can make the action more intricate and interesting, i.e. an overcomeing personal limits bit, or summat like that.), plus u can say it's longer XP.
The Jewel-Encrusted,
5/18/2004 c4 1by-the-light-of-the-moon
you did try, but i'm afraid i must just be quite stupid because i'm still confused! still, good story, i look forward to reading more
4/4/2004 c3 1Aexicas Ryinn
no confusion there..damn cliffhanger though. good job, keep goin chuy, this story has a lot of potential!
3/27/2004 c3 Sage
Wow...you're right it is pretty confusing...but i somehow get it...if that makes sense. lol
oh and btw...it's rose bush
3/23/2004 c3 Arekusu Vladimiri
O, building suspense with the, "they're coming," eh? nice, very nice. Righteous, ,or self-righteous character? anyways, nice use offlowers, for symbolism, even tho u explain it ^^;; Keep it up dude.
3/21/2004 c2 Sage
Wow this story is awesome! It's a little confusing but it's still really good. Is the second chapter the last one? I hope it's not because this story is so good and I want to read more of it. Oh btw I saw your reviews for Lukechu's story *cough* lol
3/18/2004 c2 Arekusu Vladimiri
Hmm...it's kewl...pretty good...i don't really know what to say. Uh...very dark...quite typically. Keep writing, this story has potential.
3/14/2004 c2 Aexicas Ryinn
This is deep man, its a good book. I admit, it was a bit hard to follow, but i got it! and dont mind me, im just dumb ^^. good story so far!
3/13/2004 c1 Aexicas Ryinn
Sounds good so far my rosey friend! this is gonna be a great story, so keep bringing the vamp story goodness for our viewing pleasure! err...oh yeah, please keep bringin the vamp goodness ^^; this one will be a good one
3/12/2004 c1 WolfDeamon
So INTERESTING. *composes herself* This story is already extremely interesting, I would love it if you would continue.
3/11/2004 c1 Benjamin Levin
Excellent start! I am eager to read more. This doesn't seem to be the run of the mill vampire story.

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