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for Loving A Lie

9/3/2005 c1 jenny
please add more to this story. its starting out really good.
5/2/2005 c1 13Tenshistar
Oh please write more. It sounds really good. I can't wait to see what happens next. Update soon please!
2/8/2005 c1 29prancu
this is awesome-update soon!
8/20/2004 c1 17Lady of romance world88
How dare Grey do that to Shelley? Poor Adam, when he discovered about Grey. I can't believe Grey look alike his father. So Shelley liked him? I wonder what happened if he returned? Hurry update soon. I can't wait to heard more in next chapter.
5/20/2004 c1 Coco
allo!this is great!but i must say that you've really built up the tension at the end of the chapter!write more soon!:) later!
5/13/2004 c1 27Kasatriya
This story is good, although it needs to be betad...no offense, but it was a little rushed. It is a wonderful idfea though, PLEASE UPDATE
3/12/2004 c1 2Soumyanee
Man, at last! I've been going into your bio nearly everyday to see if you have it up yet, and now it's here! YAY! great job and update soon k?
3/12/2004 c1 4anatidaephobiac
Great story idea... This story is going places... update soon.

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