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5/29/2004 c8 119Sorceress Kirara
its...over. *crying* first I fail math, then I lose the inuyasha game on the adultswim website and...and now...*crying* ITS OVER!
Hm...was half-hoping for a deathfic... Partially dissapointed but tis good nonetheless...A Robert suicide might have been a nice touch ^^...okay, I love deathfics, its not my fault -_-;; Harry's going to die in the 7th book I tell you! I'd prefer Ron but youd kill me...
Anyways (dont mind me, I just need sleep) Im ever so sorry its finally ended, but the ending was certainly...quaint. Yes, good word. Quaint ^^ Twas good ^^
Hm, encourage you to write more? Well...considering the ever present yaoi theme...and the hentai level of your mind...sure why not!
Write! And thats all I have to say because I know you loove these long involved reviews ^^
um...I got internet back...lets just pray I can watch inuyasha...*sniffle*
5/7/2004 c7 Sorceress Kirara
Hi! ^^
Yeah! Update! O.o...I thank my bag of M&Ms that you did not write a sex scene...although I have no clue what that has to do with it but keh. Anyhow...ONE MORE CHAPTER? Gasp, its...been so long. It...seems too soon though. I mean, you know this day will come but when it does...its...like a shock. *tear*
Anyhwo, the chapters awesome with the...before and afters ^^;; No corruption! ^^
And a confession of love...*sigh* tis good! Hm...a cliff, eh? ...suicide? Sounds like something I would write ^^;;
Anyhow update, bc I know you love these long reviews!
ps. and if you dont love them well suffer! Mwahahaha! Now to watch Love Hina! *gets an IM from some anonymous fan of her works* darnit...I need praise later! ANIME NOW!
5/3/2004 c7 Aharah Musici
Wah Im so sad you are ending Oh wel I, as always, await an update!
4/30/2004 c6 Sorceress Kirara
*cough* Im sick *cough* not in the sense of perverted hentai-ness as usual *cough* but in the sense of an illness *cough* and not in the sense of a mental illness either *cough* although the voices in my head...ANYWAY~
This is yawesome, really. Blade is evil! Yet has a cool name.You should have given him a more evil name like...Cornelieus. So update soon so the victor may get his Alex!
~SK...still sick...in both perveretedness, mental-wise, and health-wise...but lets focus the pity on the last one, shall we? ^^
3/31/2004 c2 27Senga
It's interesting with a likable plot...but...not to be a stickler but the proper way to write is to write it in the past tense. that way the reader sees it as the present...sort of. plus it seriously makes it a whole lot less confusing.
otherwise, i think i like where it's going.
good luck and i hope you take up my advice.
3/29/2004 c5 Aharah Musici
Oh god, a tad confusing but good.
3/28/2004 c4 Aharah Musici
3/28/2004 c4 4Purple Elf
I absolutely love this story! And as to your comment on me updating Turbulence... we'll i kinda broke up with the co-author... and he's not talking to me... This is why I'm beginning to hate boys! Though, I am debating continuing it on my own... Update soon!
3/28/2004 c3 5slivblue
Hey, interesting story. It has a great plot.Write more. :D I love it! Great Job!
3/27/2004 c3 119Sorceress Kirara
Hiya! (its a saturday night- course Im reading internet stories!)
Very long...but very good as well ^^ Man, this is one heck of a twisted love story but tis good nonetheless- and the fact that you actually updated- WOW! Lets keep that factor going ^^
Nice name change ^^ Nerd Slut, a lot easier to say ^^;;
Anyhow, update, watch kenshin in 13 minutes, and do the macarena!
~SK ^.^x
ps. yes, sometimes I do wish I had a life. ^^x oro!
3/25/2004 c3 Aharah Musici
Ah! This is like hanakimi all over again with a little of canadate for goddess on the side...
3/25/2004 c1 4Purple Elf
I love this story! Update soon!
3/25/2004 c2 4Nerd Slut
Great story keep up the good work. But shouldn't you be writing your outline for your research paper?
Oh Crap!
3/20/2004 c2 Aharah Musici
Nice, i like it, it reminds me of hanakimi in a wierd way...
3/16/2004 c1 119Sorceress Kirara
Looks like a good start to a story ^^ Continue please! (ie: or else). 30 page is...short? Course you write like 100 page things so O_o...
Welp, good luck with all the stress, buy your own bloody palm pilot ( or not...its ok ^^ )and may a random softball, perhaps from your own bat, just happen to hit the seducing girl in the head ^^ Oh...and then bounce of her and hit the dude's girlfriend ^^
ps. my life went to hell when I moved here ^^ believe it or not, I at one time HAD A LIFE!
Miroku: no way.
SK: and even fictional characters dont believe me -_-

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