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for Flitsy Fairies

11/21/2004 c1 39Aspiring Author
HEy there, jsut decided to play on the job and review this story. I really like it, even though I didn't say so last time.
3/21/2004 c1 Every
but anyway... i really like this piece, but i think you need to think somemore about which words you want to start the lines one. & on line 11- i think the F "fairies" should be in caps.
3/18/2004 c1 aspiring author
okay! \:|
3/18/2004 c1 11Earthsong12
Hiya! I love this story, it's very funny and cute. I'm putting it on my favorites list. bye bye.
3/17/2004 c1 Spooni
Oh my..what utter fabulousness! ^_^ Not only is the content ighly amusing, but your format intigues me. No traditional pattern or rhyme or reason that I can owrk out (but that's not saying much.. ^_~) but it still works perfectly. Hurray for you!
3/14/2004 c1 144Infinite Smiles
This was extremely cute and amusing. Well done.
3/14/2004 c1 10Jackie-Obie
That was so cute! Flitsy flitsy flitsy... what a great word. Gave me the giggles. ^_^
(My alter ego likeses it too!)
3/14/2004 c1 35Blooming Phoenix
how silly. hehehe
3/14/2004 c1 58floorcollision
ah, it is a poem. :) i laughed. :)

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