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4/28/2004 c14 Jyna Alisabeth
I am sorry I didn't review sooner! bad bad bad me. I've been ... ugh... well let's not get into it. This was a great chapter. I like that you've given us more lil bits of information about Jaro and Atirien. :) Great work.
I hope your life gets better for you! Life can be such a drag sometimes. I know all about it. Again, great job, and update as soon as you can. Please? ~Jyna
4/22/2004 c14 21princess max
poor Nick... We're really moving into the story now!
*smiles* your family and sister are good to you! My lil sis is in the US and all we ever send her is dirty emails:-)
4/21/2004 c14 Cheeseburger of Doom
Ah, war is brutal. Poor Jaro!
4/17/2004 c2 ChristianGeekGuy
Good so far. I like the starting poem. I'll read more later :).
4/12/2004 c13 pen fifteen
As always, this chapter is really cool. And as usual, I'm terribly confused (but that's good, trust me) about what is going on, so that of course makes me want to come back whenever you update and find out what *IS* going on. Hehe.. I'm starting to think you're doing it on purpose. LOL Anyway, I did like the chapter. The paintings were described so that I could picture them. Excellent. The dreams were strange, but again, I could picture the things you described. Great job. The silver eye was cool. (Silver being my favorite color of course) Ok.. I've rambled enough. Update soon! Please? :) ~Jyna
4/11/2004 c13 Cheeseburger of Doom
I like Nick. I was wondering if you have a personal favorite character? I usually do for my stories - but then the rest get jealous and demand attention, lol.
4/11/2004 c13 Miss Wendy
Nice to see old cliche's broken in a story (I'm referring to the herbal medicine *not* tasting bad). Good work as always & Happy Easter/Happy Holidays (pick and choose greeting according to religion/lack thereofLOL).
4/9/2004 c12 Jyna
WOO You updated sooner. Glad to know you're feeling somewhat better. Coughs are always nasty. Well, as usual, this is another great chapter. I wasn't expecting some of the little tidbits. That's cool that Jaro had those nifty eyes. That Atirien is apparently making use of electricity. That's not something you run into in most fantasies, so I liked that. Anyway, great job. Happy Easter! ~Jyna
4/9/2004 c12 princess max
'he had barely touched a weapon in all his life, let along killed something, the exception being some roaches in a two star hotel in Greece and a mosquito or two' - LOL, very good work Nick:-) He's such a sweetheart.
4/8/2004 c12 Cheeseburger of Doom
Ah, the great art of cooking! can he teach me, too? Heh, feeling silly. Nice filler chapter! Fillers are important.
4/5/2004 c11 pen fifteen
Wow, another great chapter. I hope you feel better soon. As always, I eagerly await your next update. My only complaint is that this chapter ended too soon. ;) Again, feel better soon. ~Jyna
4/4/2004 c11 Cheeseburger of Doom
That would be a little unnerving. "I'm wearing clothes that aren't mine, I have long hair again, and I'm in the middle of nowhere..." heh, I have to feel sorry for the guy! I love the way you describe things.
4/4/2004 c11 Miss Wendy
I love Nick. Aw, big hugs to Nick. As a sidenote, I think authors tend to fall into three categories; those whose stories are generally crap, those whose start well and descend and those whose stories start awkwardly and get really interesting - you're definitely the third category.
This is coming along really nicely and I think it's a pity more people aren't getting through the second and third chapters (they're the ones I struggled with, anyway, but I was reading them as they appeared, not all together in one lump) because it IS getting very good.
Oh, and have I mentioned I love Nick?:-)
4/2/2004 c10 princess max
Well, you certainly took your time updating:-) I'm really interested in how all these people are going to come together in the story!
4/2/2004 c10 2amet
This seemed so short -_-;; I hope longer chapter doesn't make the updates take too much longer. i'm really getting into the story (even though I don't get it most of the time ;P) and I wanna know what happens next (did you know that I kept pulling that scrollbar down because I couldn't believe I finished the chapter already?) Please update soon.
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