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for My Akathisia

5/18/2014 c1 Mark
I'm afraid that this doesn't even come close to the hate that akathisia induces. It is pure evil. Don't ever get injected with haloperidol!
3/17/2004 c1 37Moarte in Extaz
I LOVED THIS. DON'T change a single word! This is really great. Keep writing and never stop, seriously!
~:~ Melena ~:~
3/17/2004 c1 Angelic Hellraiser
*BRAVO* I really like this one. You should be very proud of it. It's beautiful.
3/16/2004 c1 53destinee ariarti
Wow...I'm seriously almost speechless...this is great, it's a topic not touched on by many. I really like this part
"You made me feel this way
You made me hate myself
Put a blade to my wrists
I can kill you
I won't let you kill me"
3/16/2004 c1 10indigogecko
Evanescence would be proud...

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