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12/30/2004 c16 9springish
All of these chapters are so beautiful and beautifully-written. I like how it's just so easy to relate to most of them. Keep at it. ^_^
12/18/2004 c14 12Kay Kae
I love this one the most!]

10/11/2004 c4 15Getuie
I enjoy your writing style... Again a piece I can relate to. The second last paragraph especially caught my attention. "My emotions, readily displayed on the public stage, needs to be private to all except one. The one." - WONDERFULLY written.
3/18/2004 c1 6Lady Gerbil
If she looks perky, how can you see her dead tired appearance-it's redundant. I suggest changing the "Can look" to simply "Be".
Other than that, I like this. The narrative writing style is nice.

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